Fatty Jihadi Captured

An Iraqi SWAT team caught the big fat ISIS Jihadist earlier this week. Turns out that Abu Abdul Bari had to be put on a flat bed truck when he was captured.

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  1. yeah, it ain’t mine & it is cringeworthy, but confessionally (is that a word?) I have used it to describe a few ‘fatwahs’ I’ve know in my day

  2. there is a rumor floating around that this guy wanted to eat Fat Bastard … ‘Get in my belly!’

    … & that’s why Fat Bastard went on his diet

  3. Intelligence believes that Bari was going to infiltrate a high value target and consume “one wafer thin mint” ala Mr. Creosote.

  4. Guy looks like he could take a plane out just by sitting in the backseats.
    What’s with the lips on his left? Do they have happy jihadi cards at Hallmark?
    He was thinking of making a run for it because thinking was all he do.
    Where’s his complimentary AK?

  5. One must question what took the Iraqi’s so long to catch the guy, it didn’t look like he was just going to run away.

  6. Remember Cannon, the detective from years ago that was almost as big as this guy? Cannon might be able to catch this guy, but it would be close.

  7. The dirtball – Look at his pants. He blended into the mountain side.
    Also, he looks like one of those big ass bears they sell at Costco during Christmas.

  8. Then they realized that, even if the scaffold collapsed, the fall would still kill the fat Farouq

    Even if the distance he fell was only six inches


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