Fauci and his leftist friends are seeing red after a Pfizer board member drops this truth bomb – IOTW Report

Fauci and his leftist friends are seeing red after a Pfizer board member drops this truth bomb

NewsThud: One of their own just turned on health dictocrats.

Their effort to keep the forever-pandemic going was already facing tough opposition.

But a truth bomb dropped by a Pfizer board member could kill it entirely.

While health dictators bask in the power afforded to them by constant fear mongering, the last person you’d ever expect is calling for an end to the charade.

Former FDA Director and current Pfizer board member Scott Gottlieb has started speaking out.

As conditions improve we have to be willing to relax some of these measures with the same speed that we put them in place,” Gottlieb said on Squawk Box.

He pointed out that a lot of the resistance against masks and vaccinations stems from the fact there’s no end-date included with the overarching directives.

“We haven’t described clear goalposts for when we’re gonna withdraw a lot of these measures and the two most contentious things right now in the U.S. are the masks among children in schools and the vaccine mandates,” he said.

Of course, Fauci and Friends still have global partners in oppression. more

11 Comments on Fauci and his leftist friends are seeing red after a Pfizer board member drops this truth bomb

  1. Possible answers that Little Tony might give if asked when vaccine and mask mandates will end:

    — Over my dead body
    — When Hell freezes over
    — When pigs fly
    — When my pharma paymaster overlords tell me its OK

  2. “…relax some of these measures….”

    Why does that statement not comfort me? That is like saying “We should only imprison people for five years instead of ten if they don’t get the vaccine.”

  3. “— when the fat lady sings.”

    “Ah, we’re all out of fat ladies.”

    “How come?”

    “They all died from COVID.”

    “You mean the COVID protocol killed them. Or the vax.”

    “Doesn’t matter. They’re all gone. So, we keep going with it.”

    “Ah, damn.”

    (Moments later, on the horizon…)

    “WHAT is that?!!”

    “Looks like thousands of ladies with their kids…”

    “Holy crap, they’ve got machete’s and pitchforks!”

    “Cancel everything! I’m out of here…”

  4. I reckon it was about time for Good Cop, Bad Cop, but don’t think for one minute that we’ll be let out of jail.

  5. Hope poor old Scott’s doesn’t get covid to disprove his statement.

  6. piananewsense – the Dr. needs to collect evidence from as many embalmers as she can and tread carefully. But I bet she knows this. If what she’s reporting is true and completely correlates to the ‘vaccine,’ a major medical investigation and disclosure needs to happen. And soon. This could be the time bomb we’ve all been worrying about…

  7. Maybe some people are getting just a little nervous about future investigations and arrests.

  8. Uncle Al; I’d prefer it be over fauci’s dead body.

  9. An incident that happened during the bubonic plague, if people still have the wherewithal we might see history repeat itself:

    Text from Francois Bonivard

    Chronicles of Geneva


    “When the bubonic plague struck Geneva in 1530, everything was ready. They even opened a whole hospital for the plague victims. With doctors, paramedics and nurses. The traders contributed, the magistrate gave grants every month. The patients always gave money, and if one of them died alone, all the goods went to the hospital.

    But then a disaster happened: the plague was dying out, while the subsidies depended on the number of patients. There was no question of right and wrong for the Geneva hospital staff in 1530. If the plague produces money, then the plague is good. And then the doctors got organized.

    At first, they just poisoned patients to raise the mortality statistics, but they quickly realized that the statistics didn’t have to be just about mortality, but about mortality from plague. So they began to cut the boils from the bodies of the dead, dry them, grind them in a mortar and give them to other patients as medicine. Then they started dusting clothes, handkerchiefs and garters. But somehow the plague continued to abate. Apparently, the dried buboes didn’t work well. Doctors went into town and spread bubonic powder on door handles at night, selecting those homes where they could then profit. As an eyewitness wrote of these events, “this remained hidden for some time, but the devil is more concerned with increasing the number of sins than with hiding them.”

    In short, one of the doctors became so impudent and lazy that he decided not to wander the city at night, but simply threw a bundle of dust into the crowd during the day. The stench rose to the sky and one of the girls, who by a lucky chance had recently come out of that hospital, discovered what that smell was.

    The doctor was tied up and placed in the good hands of competent “craftsmen.” They tried to get as much information from him as possible. However, the execution lasted several days. The ingenious hippocrats were tied to poles on wagons and carried around the city. At each intersection the executioners used red-hot tongs to tear off pieces of meat. They were then taken to the public square, beheaded and quartered, and the pieces were taken to all the districts of Geneva.

    The only exception was the hospital director’s son, who did not take part in the trial but blurted out that he knew how to make potions and how to prepare the powder without fear of contamination. He was simply beheaded “to prevent the spread of evil”.

  10. Gottlieb appears on tv regularly to lie. He is another POS subhuman fake MD. He’s just hedging his investment against us.

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