Fauci and top Wuhan scientist cite same study to cast doubt on COVID lab leak


A top Wuhan Institute of Virology scientist and Dr. Anthony Fauci cited the same scientific paper when arguing in favor of a natural origin for COVID-19 and against the lab leak hypothesis.

Last weekend, Fauci said he continues to believe the “most likely” origin for COVID-19 is nature and hasn’t seen any recent “concrete evidence” to make him think the Wuhan lab leak hypothesis is more likely. In an interview on Saturday with CNN, Fauci repeatedly cited a scientific paper from July that argued in favor of zoonosis and largely dismissed the lab leak hypothesis. read more

5 Comments on Fauci and top Wuhan scientist cite same study to cast doubt on COVID lab leak

  1. I smell the stench of desperation in the air. The next press conference I bet he walks in rattling a pair of ball bearings in one hand.

  2. At this point “doctor” Fauci should be convicted of war crimes & treason.
    He should be hanged in the public square and his limp body set fire and tossed in the nearest landfill.

  3. At this point I no longer consider him to be a bumbling stupid bureaucrat but now realize he is an evil lying Democrat.

  4. Its almost like these 2 institutions are linked to each other, co-ordinate their independent responses, and reference each other in their studies. Which are independently independent of themselves.

    And luckily the independent W.H.O. ensures they make their own independent interpretations of the facts that they get from each independent laboratory.



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