Fauci Announces $3.2B Program To Develop Pill To Fight The Next Pandemic

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The Biden administration will spend $3.2 billion on advancing the development of antiviral pills to fight Covid-19 and other viruses, the nation’s top infectious disease expert announced Thursday. 

Dr. Anthony Fauci said during a White House press briefing that the new antiviral program for pandemics is partially aimed at developing the next generation of Covid-19 treatments.

The program will also focus on accelerating Covid-19-related projects that are already in progress and fund the development of new treatments or therapies to combat other dangerous viruses that have the potential to cause future pandemics.  More

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  1. He knew about this one and the Democrats too! How else can they develop a vaccine that is common people don’t know about yet! And agree 💯 with Uncle Al.

  2. Do we really know how many people have been vaccinated? This article says 44%, another I saw earlier said 47% but 60% had at least one shot. Cuomo claimed 70% but the NY site shows 50%. Today driving to the next town I saw several testing centers re-opened and all kinds of signs for free shots, no appointment. The Biden admin today dismissed a question on if they’d hit their July 4th target. It feels like we are back in the use fear to drive people to get the jab part of the cycle with all the talk of variants, lung transplants, severe illness etc. Fauci is the king of new drug patents and killing people by withholding treatments – just review the AIDS epidemic. I don’t trust anything that comes from these people.

  3. @Uncle Al

    Hydro & Ivermectin were effective against Kung-Flu but in testing, they had the undesirable effect of helping to Re-Elect Donald J. Trump.

    Thus, They had to be discredited and almost outright Banned.

    Besides, Bill Gates needed something to help make his Vaccine industry more profitable. Nothing is free, the Governments & Taxpayers are paying for it.

  4. I had a patient at the state hospital in the late 80s that among his delusions were: Having created a cure for a disease that that hasn’t even been named yet….

  5. RadioMatt: Statistically there will always be that half of the population that is below average intelligence, and we know you can’t fix stupid.
    And I think that % is growing exponentially.

  6. “And we know that we are of God, and the whole world lieth in wickedness.”

    1 John 5:19 King James

  7. During the entire pandemic they never once, to my knowledge, talked about developing a treatment or a care regimen but only what not to take and the hope for a vaccine that would actually work but would take years to develop! They are scumbags posing as experts!

  8. Fauci Announces $3.2B Program To Develop Pill To Fight The Next Pandemic

    Should we beat the rush, and go ahead and NAME the virus after him? 😡

  9. A therapeutic antiviral pill design by Dr. Fauxi would reduce the “surplus” population. Only people who have a death wish would swallow a Fauxi pill.

  10. HCQ should be made an over-the-counter drug.

    FAUCI should be made to dance naked with Satan. Oh, wait…
    he did that in 1983. Never mind.


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