Fauci Files: Celebrated doc’s career dotted with ethics, safety controversies inside NIH

“Fauci is all about Fauci,” Fishbein said. “He loves being the headline. It’s his ego.”

Just the News:

Earlier this month, Dr. Anthony Fauci offered a pointed response to those who have challenged his stewardship of the pandemic as the nation’s infectious disease chief: “I think you can trust me,” he declared, citing his long record of service in government medicine.

That is exactly what Fauci’s National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) agency declared years ago to foster children in New York, Illinois and elsewhere, many of whom were enrolled in an AIDS drug trial without the promised patient protections. An investigation concluded the NIAID’s AIDS research division that reported to Fauci had failed in many cases to provide patient advocates to monitor the foster kids’ health as promised, and in some cases, as required by law.

In other words, a trust was broken.

Just the News review of three decades of Fauci’s leadership of the National Institutes of Health’s infectious disease arm found that while his agency has achieved many successes in the fights against AIDS and other infectious diseases it also produced several instances — like the foster children research — in which congressional, government ethics and internal watchdogs found safety or ethics lapses on his watch. They include:

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  1. This guy can be trusted alright… trusted to feather his nest, self-promote, collect money from the Bill & Melinda Gates’ Foundation, and channel Peg Sanger from the grave.

    This guy must have four-hour erections watching everyone wearing face masks and collapsing the U.S. Economy. Not to mention his wet dreams of President Hillary Clinton.

    “Here, butthole, you need a fresh box of Kleenex?”

  2. Hey, Dr. Gnome. Keep two balls from the Washington Nationals game tomorrow night.

    I suggest you hide them where yours are missing.

  3. Here is something I have learned in my short 50 years:

    In many cases, not all, White shirts are the type that learn just enough about in field operations, whatever that field is, to sound great in front of the cameras, board room, investors, or in this case, the public to sound intelligent, informed and in control.

    In most cases they are the spreaders of horse shit and placations.

    For example: You go to the car dealership (I know, avoid the dealerships) and you get a spotless asshole trying to tell you your car needs $6,000 bucks worth of work. He has no real trade skills and worked in the garage for 18 months (if that) before realizing he does not like to get dirty and can not fix anything.

    The real guy with the talent is a pissed off 55 year old mechanic who eats his brown bag sandwich behind the garage with grease under his nails. The dealership does not allow you even see him, let alone speak to him.

    Fauci is a Doctor like the clean millennial trying to tell you that you radiator cannot be soldered is a “service specialist”.

    Fuck Off! Some of us still get dirty and try to Fix things.

  4. Seems to me NIAID should be shuttered as a Federal Institution and privatized. 30 years the maggot has been on the government teat, and knows no matter what he does he gets paid. There are few consequences for being a failure in gubment institutions.

  5. And that’s not unlike being a failure in TPC. You can only be shitcanned for falsifying time sheets (whoops! not anymore), stealing (whoops! not anymore), and unsafely hurting yourself (whoops! not anymore).

  6. This bantam rooster is the expert gnome of genomes.
    By the way, have you found Hillary’s g-spot?
    I have.

  7. @ MJA

    “InStyle” ?

    That little tight-ass looks sooo stylish sitting by the pool in his black trousers, black socks, and wingtips.

    Was the September cover of PROCTOLOGY TODAY already taken?

  8. Fauci will throw out the first pitch at the Washington Nationals game tomorrow.

    I think we should all give him advise on what to wear, how to warm up and how hard to throw.

    Then tomorrow say something entirely different only to retract that just before the game and tell him we were right in our initial advice.

    Then see if he stops paying attention to us.

  9. There’s nothing worse than a self-appointed, egotistical, pompous asshole that places himself above all others.

  10. Look, they elevated this asshole through the ranks for the exact purpose he’s serving now.

    He should be on the cover of Mad Magazine: a special edition.

  11. Fouch, you’d better hope Biden wins. Second-term Trump will have enough flexibility to slingshot your mendacious ass to Comeyville.

  12. FAUCI LIES. That is what I written with a Sharpie across the state mandated mask that I must wear when going into shops.

  13. I think he IS a shit-eating weasel, Jimmy.😉

    I am from the guberment and I’m here to help.🥴


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