Fauci is the Italian word for…

First it was the knowing glances and salutes between Jon Karl and himself after Karl gave Trump the MSM screwing, then it was with Jim Acosta.

Fauci is not to be trusted.

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  1. Dr. Swampy Deep State can’t help himself, he’s still working for President Elect Hillary Rodham Clinton. He just loves, loves, loves her.

  2. And yet Trump crashed the most powerful economy on the planet because of the asshole and that other clintonista women.

  3. The medical community is complicit in the Covid Hoax…
    Any death WITHOUT TESTING is assumed to be a Covid Death,
    We have been victimized on a gigantic hoax!,
    Dr. Fauci is an actor who went to Medical School.

  4. All the Deep Staters sent to subvert Trump in previous coup attempts could not hide their contempt for the man. Fauci has been playing the game much longer than any of them, and he was able to hide his contempt for a while. But just like Vindman, Strzok, Page, Yovanovich and the rest, Fauci started believing his media cheerleaders and he has become too careless. He will be brought up short very soon.

  5. I just saw where VP Pence is forbidding federal health officials from appearing on CNN, since CNN refuses to carry WH Chinavirus pressers. Know who likes to appear on CNN “town halls”? That’s right…Tony “The Jaw” Fauci. Now Pence has quarantined him. I hope that is only the first step in Fauci’s fadeout. Hey Tony…If you just quit now, you can be on CNN all damn day.

  6. I thought that guy was full of shit the first day I saw him. He – and bill gates, by the way – are having way too much fun in all this.

    Trump should marginalize the guy.

  7. Another nihilistic opportunist – nothing to get all worked up about.
    DC is full of em!

    A fly on a pile of feces. A jackal at a carcass. A tapeworm in a dog’s ass.
    A mosquito. A pecker gnat. An insignificant irritant – like a dry, itchy patch of skin.

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. Once this Chinese lung rot is brought under control and the numbers of new infections and deaths show a steady decrease, Dr. Doom and Dr. Scarf should be given less visibility at the briefings. I never saw two doctors less interested in expediting treatment therapies and vaccine production. The questions are starting to be redundant. Are there no other doctors on the task force authorized to address this? I also want to hear more from the administration “doctors” regarding our economy, which is in it’s death throes. Staying home and anti-social distancing is killing the patient.

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