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Fauci mocked ‘ass-backwards’ diners for taking off masks at table


Dr. Anthony Fauci crassly mocked “ass-backwards” restaurant patrons who removed their coronavirus masks when seated — and laughed at the absurdity of his own idea for anti-COVID-19 goggles, according to a new book.

The inside account is included by former White House spokesman Brian Morgenstern in “Vignettes & Vino” — out Oct. 25 — which calls Fauci “awful” and an “egomaniac.”

“[I]n January 2020, [Fauci] said the virus was nothing to worry about for the American people. Then in the months that followed, he said that people should not wear masks and that they were ineffective. By June or July, he had changed his tune and said everyone should be very concerned and that they should wear multiple masks — and goggles,” Morgenstern wrote.

“I vividly recall my blood boiling during an infuriating meeting in the Roosevelt Room of the White House, when Fauci laughed about his own goggles comment, making it clear how cynical he was and that he could get people to believe anything,” the former aide continued. more

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  1. Ah yes, the double masking.

    When you look at most people’s masking techniques, you’ll usually note gaps or facial hair, even wet spots(ugh) One time on a flight, I saw a woman wearing 2 masks. And man, she had it down. The first one was sealed tight all the way around, an Alien face hugger couldn’t have done better.

    And the second one on top of the first was also tight as a drum all the way around.

    All I could think of was hard fucking hard it must have been to draw a breath or how damp it was inside those masks. yucko-idiocy on steroids.

    When it comes to the actual size of the flu virus molecule, protecting yourself with 2 masks is like using 2 layers of chicken wire to keep out mosquitos.

  2. I still regularly see imbeciles driving alone in their cars with masks on.


    NO ONE at Lizzey’s Funeral wore one and they were shaking hands with the crowds.

  3. @kcir
    Only the servants have to wear masks…
    at theses elite galas/celebraytions.

  4. From the get go, I would’ve ripped Fauxi’s larynx out before he could say a second word.

  5. Another thing that pisses me off is that this jackass Brian Morgenstern didn’t say anything at the time and instead saved it to put in a book. Everyone in DC is looking for ways to enrich themselves, giving a damn about what’s happening to the country doesn’t matter as long as I get mine.


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