Fauci Suffers “Much Worse” COVID Symptoms After ‘Paxlovid Rebound’ – IOTW Report

Fauci Suffers “Much Worse” COVID Symptoms After ‘Paxlovid Rebound’

38 Comments on Fauci Suffers “Much Worse” COVID Symptoms After ‘Paxlovid Rebound’

  1. Hopefully he will die a very painful death
    and take his 350m with him
    that cxkn pig

  2. Drop dead, you worthless cocksucker.

  3. I like poetic justice.



  4. Good news! I was talking to my lib/socialist mom today and I told her he deserved the same fate as the Nazis at Nuremberg. She said she didn’t want to talk about it and said good night. And she is the one that brought up Fauci. Libs can’t stand facts!

  5. Just did a search. Still couldn’t find a fuck to give.

  6. The sooner this corrupt piece of shit departs the living, the better the world will be.

  7. Highest paid Federal employee financed the poison and then stuck himself with it? Multiple times? And now, he can’t shake it?

    That’s life – and death – on your planet, Dr.

  8. Mrs. Radiomatt with the win.

    Now. On to the dead pool!

    I have 5 dollars for…..really want to go with July the 4th…but am gonna’ pick July the 5th.

    Next guess?

  9. If he’s looking for sympathy, it in the dictionary somewhere between SHIT and SYPHILIS.

  10. I call bullsh!t.
    The guy craves attention. His “mild COVID” was not enuf publicity. So he bad-mouths a drug from which he’s not receiving royalties.

    To paraphrase Obama: there comes a time when you’ve lived long enough (81).

  11. And here he thought he’d only been giving the for-show saline injection — the one they use for photo-ops of the elites getting “vaccinated”. This is either to shut him up for good, or it’s to make a martyr out of him.

  12. No, keep his ass alive for as long as possible. Spare no expense. We’ve got other experimental therapies, drugs and vaccines that need testing. Use this fucker as a combination pin cushion and petri dish. No quarter.

  13. You’re all Scotchmen?

    I’m putting up 5 Nordic dollars and non of you skinflints can crack open your coin purse?

    July (honestly, the most antisemitic month) the 5th.

    Pick a date, McScrooge wannabe’s.

  14. Since there isn’t any Ivermectin or Hydroycloroquine available, Maybe Rand Paul, M.D. might be able to help.

  15. Stupid fucking little elf!

    Everyone knows you needed 3 masks & a 5th shot to reach full immunity.

  16. Please die!
    I hope every toe, finger & his penis, rots, and falls off as you die a slow death.

  17. so solly for the quack-ccine-greaseball-dwarf @ communist-dick-chomper shop

  18. El Magnifico
    JUNE 30, 2022 AT 3:42 AM

    I can’t pick because there’s two plausible dates.

    One is July 3rd. This would work for them because they can tryn a patriotic holiday into a day of mourning for a mass murdering psychopath, but not just with a simple lowering of flags they don’t want flying high on that day anyway, but maybe with COVID lockdowns cancelling the holiday entirely, which they want so people don’t get all patriotic n’stuff and maybe remember this country was founded on overthrowing tyranny.

    The other would be later, maybe October 31st, just in time to cancel elections “because this shows how dangerous COVID still is”, or at least make it all mail-in to maximize cheating potential.

    Or maybe they’ll figure out a way to get him shot along with Pedo at a July 4th celebration by a “Trump supporter” with an AR15 whose conveniently “found” dead by FBI who just luckily happened to be in the area at the time, triggering martial law, gun confiscation, mass incarceration, and election cancelation.

    It’s a political calculus that has nothing to do with any actual virus, is what I’m saying, and so not being in the club I can’t call it.

    …but it would be even MORE poetic justice if he had AIDS too, seeing as how he killed millions with IT in his LAST attempt at mass murder 30 odd years ago…

  19. They’re going to build a monument to his legacy. You heard it here first. They have to maintain the lie in the biggest possible way at this point.

  20. I consider stories like this to be nothing more than propaganda. The progs have to keep the rona alive and a threat in some form or another as an arrow in their mid-term quiver. Has Fauci got this or got that? All we know is what we’re told and personally, I don’t believe a word of it.

  21. feces, the dindu that virtually wrecked small business in America, & gave rise to commie dicksucker governors in TX, MI, & elsewhere. FUITA.

  22. “So he bad-mouths a drug from which he’s not receiving royalties.”

    Without looking, I’d say he’s already backtracking and touting Paxmorbid like it’s the best shit ever. Because he’s Fauci and he always does that. But too much is on the line this time. Oh sure, he’ll recover just fine and tell the world how fit he is. But one day not to long from now, he’ll hit a tree while doing 90, and the engine block will be dredged up from the Potomac.

    You can drive the Pfizer car for a long time, whipping around impossible hairpin turns with ease, but one day you’ll hit the brakes too hard, lose your grip, and it’s over.

  23. “Fauci Suffers “Much Worse” COVID Symptoms After ‘Paxlovid Rebound’”

    Crock of crap “much worse.” Much worse my butt, how about the millions out here who SUFFERED worse than you’ll ever feel in your little toe, thousands of them are dead and dying each day. If I were you Fauci, I’d be keeping my pie hole shut.

  24. When he drops dead, they’ll say he died of old age. The rest of us, according to the CDC, die of covid.

    Take some old bugger with Stage 10 liver disease, blocked arteries, HIV, recently thrown 100 feet from his motorcycle, and not only that, he had a bullet wound in the head.

    But his cause of death was covid, according to the death certificate.

  25. All bullshhhhyt. Fauci has no “rebound” of anything except of his own greed. Take note of the fact that he and other democrat collaborators have “suddenly” become reinfected with covid19 as a trickster scheme to force Americans back inside for the purposes of mail-in voting. Those ballots will (again) be stolen, adultered, and doctored by democrat accomplices in stealing yet another election. Don’t be fooled. Credible docs and authentic science entities reported that covid19 and other viruses are killed in high summer temperatures. I have said previously and numerous times demonic democrats will employ some bogus scheme to bolster their failing selves and cheat once again in the next election cycle. Here it is.

  26. LET’S GO, COVID! 👏👏👏👏👏
    LET’S GO, COVID! 👏👏👏👏👏

  27. Anthony F, quit fapping to Cashidy Huffington’s picture. The microwave just dinged and mom’s bringing your Hot Pocket down.

  28. Try the Remdesivir. It’s the ‘standard of care’ you forced on eveyone else. Y’know, the now deceased covid patients.

  29. re monument to his legacy: demonrat statues are good for collecting pigeon shit

  30. And a big Nelson Muntz “HA-HA” to you, shrimp.

  31. look for compassion in dictionary: after cocksucker & communism, before constipation

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