Fauci, Walensky, Schwab under a bus

Oh, I meant, On the SIDE.

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  1. I always thought a rat in a pail upside down on someones stomach and hot coals applied to the bottom of the pail and the rat, being frightened digs his way out would be the best method to finding out the truth and getting answers.

  2. The jab is what they should receive. The one administered in a chamber while they are on their back with their arms strapped down and people on the other side of the glass watching…

  3. Too bad the stink eye that Trump was giving Fauci many times while the little shit was pontificating didn’t bear any fruit.

    I don’t think DeSantis will suffer any of these fools, Schwab or Gates included.

  4. “Fauci, Walensky, Schwab under a bus”

    …where, in a just world, they would remain until they all died “of covid”.

  5. No, you don’t want to go back and forth.

    Too nice.

    Too quick.

    If I may suggest an alternative…

    Strap the Democrat down, face up, direcly in front of the wheel, using a board with a hard rubber coating underneath them.. Use nails in their arms and legs if you like, they won’t be using them again anyway, but make sure you don’t hit any major vessels, hastening death is NOT the point.

    Pull the bus up, aligning with some clearance to the lower most rib. You don’t want to damage the diaphragm.


    When in position, ease the bus’s FRONT wheel (don’t use the duallies in the back, too wide a damage swaith) onto their belly, ensuring you miss the rib cage and above. If you placed them correctly they are chest and head AWAY from the bus so you can both guide precisely and see/broadcast their facial expressions and anything else that comes out of their mouths.

    The reason you do this slowly is because the intention is to squeeze their intestines out of their assholes on the way to breaking their pevis and shattering their spine. Don’t worry over much about profound blood loss from descending vessels and/or broken femurs/pelvis, as you are going to stop the bus dead-center on their spines. This will hopefully provide a taponade on those vessels and limit blood loss to the lower extremities during the procedure.

    Leave the bus parked over the center of the Democrat’s spine and watch/record/broadcast as they writhe and foam at the mouth in agony. They can still use their lungs and mouth to scream and cry and curse, don’t stop them from doing that, it’s amusing and you may learn things about their fellow Democrats that allowed them to come to such a pass besides. They probably won’t be very coherent though, as this will be very painful and, if you did it right, for a fairly long time.

    It also gives you some options. You can parade other Democrats past them on the way to THEIR bus as kind of a “Coming Attractions” thing.
    You can do it on a hot day at noon so the sun will burn out their eyes and blacken their tounges as they, obviously, can’t turn over.
    If it gets boring or you need the bus for other Democrats that may make a better example, they will die quickly by simply removing the bus as this will release the tamponade on their lower great vessels and they will probably pass out and die immediately just from the shock, let alone the immediate high-volume blood loss.

    At that point, however, feel free to back up and drive forwards as much as you like, as they are now on their way to their REAL Judgement. I would recommend placing the rubber mat over their heads before driving the bus over that particular part, as this may preseve their grossly distorted faces with recognizable feature for later preservation and viewing, possibly to be hung at the future seat of government as a warning to others.

    …just a suggestion…


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