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Fauci’s NIAID Funded AIDS Study of Transgender Monkeys

Washington Examiner

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases paid researchers more than $200,000 in order to study HIV rates in transgender women by injecting monkeys with hormones.

Overseen by Dr. Anthony Fauci since 1984, the NIAID provided the Scripps Research Institute with $205,562 in funding to examine why transgender women have high rates of HIV, the Washington Free Beacon reported. In order to do this, monkeys were injected with female hormones. More

Tucker interviewed the head of PETA last night on this cruel story. Here

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  1. Dr. Faucistein is an evil little mad doctor. It wouldn’t surprise me if he has tried to attach a human head to a dog’s body, like the aliens did in the movie Mars Attacks.

  2. “Freaks freakin’. What could be wrong?”

    Fear not! loyal citizens. The Priestexes of STEM will save us!

    (With the prayers and titles they got from the, exact same, vending machines that anoint the Priestexes of Wymyns’ Studies. Paid for from the, exact same, collection box.)

  3. Makes me wish one of these monkeys got loose when Fauci was doing an inspection, jumped up on his shoulder and stuck his wet Q-tip in his ear.

  4. Arrest all these criminals and confiscate all their wealth. Use it to pay the nat’l debt. Then guillotine the criminals.

  5. No such thing as “transgender” – monkey or human.
    Fauxi was stealing tax dollars pretending to study something while, in fact, studying nothing.

    Pretty typical of what passes for “science” in these times of boundless ignorance and superstition. This is the sort of bullshit which keeps our colleges and universities fat and entrenched in pseudo-science, nonsense, and outright falsehood. (remember the scrimp on the treadmill?)

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

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