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Fauci’s Troubling Ties To Wuhan Lab


If you asked the average American today about the relationship between the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and COVID-19 you would get – at a minimum – a healthy amount of skepticism. The disease may or may not be the result of Chinese genetic modification of an existing virus, but it is looking increasingly likely that the point of origin of this was a Chinese lab – not a seafood market. Perhaps even more significantly, however, it is now indisputable that the Chinese Communist Party deliberately withheld information from the world for months after the outbreak began thereby effectively guaranteeing that other nations would be unable to get ahead of the crisis and adequately prepare. We may never know exactly how many Americans died as a consequence of these CCP actions.

What has perhaps largely escaped the attention of the average American to date, however, has been the relationship between the Chinese Communist Party and Dr. Fauci, self-proclaimed patron saint of lockdowns and our “only hope” against the deadly scourge of the ongoing pandemic. The exact nature of that relationship has not yet fully been revealed perhaps, but what we do know certainly suggests strongly that somebody else ought to be giving us advice on how to navigate this crisis.

To begin with we know now that Fauci provided funding for “gain of function” research to the same Wuhan lab from which the virus may well have escaped. “Gain of function research” is work designed to make naturally occurring organisms more dangerous to humans. It is based on the premise that by anticipating natural mutations that will eventually occur anyway, scientists are able to begin to develop medicines and vaccines to counter these mutations and be one step ahead when the next pandemic hits.

The dangers of this work are obvious. Firstly, there is no guarantee an engineered new disease will not be turned into a biological weapon. Secondly, even if the scientists involved are truly focused only on the medical uses of their research there is no guarantee a new “super-bug” will not simply escape the lab and begin to infect the human population. While we do not know that this is what happened in Wuhan, it remains one of the possible explanations for the origins of COVID-19. In fact, the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Avril Haines, said that the intelligence community did not agree with the World Health Organization (WHO) report which dismissed the possibility that the COVID-19 virus escaped from a lab in China. read more

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    These are the only 4 things Fauci cares about ® TM © and %
    Registered Patents
    and the almighty dollar!

  2. It should be three things: Me,Me,Me, Mine,Mine, Mine, Immediately!

  3. ” …. it remains one of the possible explanations for the origins of COVID-19.”

    That’s the problem, there are other possible explanations for it. This leaves people open to choosing which they believe or don’t believe based on which they personally do or don’t want to.

    Something more definitive and less suggestive needs to be found to determine what really took place.

  4. While Dr. Fauci may be forever tied to the Wuhan lab in China all you hater potaters, take a wild guess what my Petey B is forever tied to? What? That’s right! My Petey B is forever tied to my unbleached elastic starfish!

  5. Except when I’m tied to the bed Chasty. Mind if I call you “Chasty” Chasten?

  6. 98.9 % that the virus is manufactured and not naturally occurring . Find Dr. Bat Lady that had Chinese miners collecting bats in caves 2 years prior to the germ warfare perpetrated on the world. Talk to the Chinese miners that participated in this , you can’t they’re dead.

  7. The Chinese ruling class must absolutely marvel at what monumental fucktards the democrat ruling class truly is. JFC.

  8. I have zero faith in Washington finding and releasing the truth. They’re no better than American enemies.

  9. If this bug was the result of gain of function modification, it failed miserably. Just like those Harbor Freight jack stands China built.

  10. They want to park a new wuhan lab in Kansas. I guess fauci’s new place?

  11. The new “super-bug” will be much more effective, now that the vaccinated will have a targetable genetic modification.

  12. It’s all been a titanic scam, and Fauci is one of the scam’s players.

  13. @Cmn¢¢guy: “… the vaccinated will have a targetable genetic modification.”

    Just wait until someone attacks the genetically modified ’roundup ready’ GMO agriculture that the US is so dependent on. A majority of our domestic food supply has that genetic manipulation.
    They talk about ‘hardening’ the electric grid.
    How about securing our food supply?
    I can eat in the dark.
    But not if there isn’t anything to eat

  14. The Chicoms are evil bastards. So is Fauci.

  15. Little Eefer (fauci) ) looks more evil every time he appears now. Hitler scary. The eyes hide secrets


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