FauxBama Buttigieg, the Plagiarist

Patriot Retort: I happened across a video on Twitter this morning of side-by-side speeches from Barack Obama and Pete Buttigieg.  And whoo-boy.  Looks like Pete’s a plagiarist.

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  1. Both severely under qualified.
    Both groomed for their roles.
    Both are angry gays.
    Both have daddy issues.
    Both speak of little substance and make vague statements.
    Both pretend to be Christians.
    Both are for radical late term abortion.

    Etc. Etc.

  2. It does appear that all his dirty thieving scum credentials are intact, they should be signed off on shortly. Maybe they should give the short days a chance each other,

  3. ‘The Great White Hope’



    Barry’s sock puppet, little Peter … ‘say hi to the folks, Petey’

  4. Plagiarism (Neil Kinnick) in 1986 crushed Joe Biden’s presidential hopes then. It should have killed his future political ambitions as well….This should also kill Mayor Petes political aspirations forever. …

    The difference is the internet lives forever and faggots are faggots forever….

  5. What “Re-Pete” needs now is the famed Obama echo the sound tech used to make him sound God like. Say hello to Fluffer 2.0


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