‘Fauxcahontas’ Skips Indian Tribal Summit in D.C.

HOW could she???

Truth Revolt: Sen. Elizabeth Warren, better known as Fauxcahontas for claiming deep Native American roots with little to back it up, has decided to skip the National Congress of American Indians Tribal Summit happening right now in Washington D.C. Strange, right?

Her absence has become fodder for The Republican National Committee director Mike Reed, who sent out the following e-mail:

Notably absent from the list is the only current U.S. Senator who has claimed minority status as a Native American, Elizabeth Warren. To this day, Warren claims to be “proud” of her Native American heritage and speaks of how her family “spoke more forcefully than ever about the importance of not forgetting our Native American roots.”

Reed noted that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi will give a speech at the summit that runs all week along with several senators who are doing the same. He also included the following link, according to The Washington Times. READ MORE

18 Comments on ‘Fauxcahontas’ Skips Indian Tribal Summit in D.C.

  1. Representative say she run out of tee pee – had to run to store to buy more….squaw cannot spare square or ten minutes for summit. Ugh.

  2. She showed up just a few minutes ago and claimed her Mother’s family was part Native American. I will pay for her to do an Ancestry DNA test.

  3. OK, I have to get this out there…. Have you ever been corralled into going to an Indian powwow and been subjected to native dances? Holy crap, Riverdance it’s not. A crummy, shuffling, slow motion two-step with babbling and simple drum beats. No, all societies are not equal. There. Don’t scalp me.

  4. LOUDLY AND OFTEN tells everyone she is 1/64th Cherokee.

    Then when confronted.

    “I don’t know where anyone got the idea I was Native American?”


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