Fauxcahontas vows to take Bloomberg’s scalp

She’s still in the race???

CNBC: Sen. Elizabeth Warren tore into rival Mike Bloomberg on Tuesday, forecasting that his appearance on the Democratic debate stage in Las Vegas will allow his rivals to demonstrate their skills at taking on an “egomaniac billionaire” such as President Donald Trump.

“It’s a shame Mike Bloomberg can buy his way into the debate,” wrote Warren, D-Mass. “But at least now primary voters curious about how each candidate will take on Donald Trump can get a live demonstration of how we each take on an egomaniac billionaire.”

Bloomberg will face five Democrats eager to take him down on Wednesday after qualifying for his first debate since entering the 2020 race. The business titan is estimated to be worth more than $60 billion. read more

15 Comments on Fauxcahontas vows to take Bloomberg’s scalp

  1. Took a rule change for the DNC to allow him to be there. Having money sure makes a lot of things possible.

    Situational Ethics much?

  2. Oh Lord, the humanities of a democrap politician using whatever means to advance their goal.
    It’s almost as bad as lying about being a native American or putting your own children through ‘public’ school or……..

  3. The funny part about Bloomie’s being in the debate is that a day before DNC changed the rules Bernie was tweeting that Bloomie was dodging the debate. The next day Bernie was tweeting that Bloomie got the rules changed to be in the debate. Please choose one point, Bernie.
    The scary thing for the Dems is that if everyone stays in the race Bernie could win, where if it were Bernie and pretty much any one of the others he would lose. Naturally we don’t care because it just won’t matter come November.

  4. I’d like to watch her do it.

    It would be just as awkward as watching her drink a beer.

    Proof that she is NOT NATIVE, watch her drink that beer or some firewater next time.

  5. Mighty Mouse could buy and sell her a hundred times over, Indian princess with Vulcan eyebrows,. who is neither.

  6. the only reason I would watch is to see how many on-stage Mini Mike has brought off … see which one’s don’t go after him

    but, then again … I wouldn’t watch if he paid me …
    (although I do have a price … somewhat above Comrade Bernie’s)

  7. And why isn’t faux… charged with a
    felony hate crime for that hate speech..

    Oh, I know, she’s a smellocrat and
    everyone knows they’re incapable of
    HATE !


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