Favoritism Before Integrity

By Ten-Ten


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  1. Favoritism is too kind of a description for what this fucking POS did. He betrayed 100s of years of tradition. I had hoped to see a few agents resign in disgust. I guess integrity is nothing more then a quaint old notion.

  2. “no doubt the men and women who report to this repulsive coward
    are disgusted by him.”

    Well, not disgusted enough to do anything about it.
    The corruption is pretty much complete.

  3. For decades in the Police world they have already been known as “Famous But Incompetent”…

    Any real cop in the FBI is considered an outcast and a whacko. 90% of them are overgrown college frats more concerned with their alma matas footbal schedule than a terrorist blowing up you or your family.

    They consider themselves “white collar professionals”, not battlefield centurions or street warriors. They are far more comfortable at a bruncheon on Sunday afternoon with the “gals” from the office than a dark street corner or alley way looking for a scumbag criminal. Its all fluff.

  4. I am wondering if Hillary made such a mess of the Middle East and North Africa that if an investigation was preformed it would reveal to much of her incompetence and that of Obama. Consider, she wiped away 33,000 emails. That is a lot of discussion of weddings and yoga. Why the use of a personal server, maybe to shield the operations in North Africa and the Middle East in a manner that prevents discovery. The Arab Spring was just too well preformed for it not to be preformed by the CIA and State Department. Then they tried to put in the Muslim Brotherhood, the most radical group in the area, pure Obama. There is much more to this than just her stupidity in handling information.

  5. @MM, I agree about the lack of resignations. Several CIA operatives resigned over the Benghazi clusterfuck. You would think the FBI would do likewise.
    The FBI appears to be tasked with protecting Hillary and the higher ups, and I believe that Benghazi is a very big part of that.

  6. FBI Director Comey is a waste of human skin. Now the FBI is without any credibility. Another government agency shown to be political, corrupt and useless.

    Hey Comey, the Bible describes the fate of evil rulers. You deserve it all.

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