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FBI Agents Now Calling for Wray to Resign, Things Are ‘out of Control’

Red State-

We’ve seen FBI whistleblowers flooding members of Congress with allegations of politicization, bias, and misconduct including investigations regarding Hunter Biden and President Donald Trump.

That must have been making Democrats nervous with what was being revealed. Attorney General Merrick Garland sent out a letter to Justice Department employees telling them they shouldn’t be talking to Congress, although he claimed in the letter that whistleblowers were not impeded by his letter. Sure, then why are you sending out such a letter at this time? It practically screams cover-up and that he’s trying to shut down people talking.

But if he thought that would stop things, it doesn’t sound like that’s going to work.

FBI agents are now talking through Kurt Siuzdak, who represents whistleblowers at the Bureau, and he says that they are telling him that Wray has lost control and should resign.

“I’m hearing from [FBI personnel] that they feel like the director has lost control of the bureau,” he said. “They’re saying, ‘How does this guy survive? He’s leaving. He’s got to leave.”

FBI whistleblowers talking to Congress about corruption and retaliation say in their disclosures that Mr. Wray was often notified of the problems within the bureau but never took action to resolve them.

That includes recent whistleblower disclosures to House Judiciary Committee Republicans about agents being forced or coerced into signing false affidavits, sexual harassment, and stalking claims. It also includes fabricated terrorism cases to elevate performance statistics, as reported this month by The Times.

“[The FBI agents] are telling me they have lost confidence in Wray. All Wray does is go in and say we need more training and we’re doing stuff about it, or we will not tolerate it,” Mr. Siuzdak said.


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  1. There were at least a couple of MAGA-friendly people who would have made good choices for both the FBI Director and Director of Nat’l Intelligence but we ended up with Wray (aka the hairdo). Never liked him from the start. Wray just seems oily. We can thank the gang of 8 for him.

  2. ^^^^^ You wouldn’t have gotten any of them approved. There’s a process here. These aren’t necessarily Trump choices. I don’t know why people don’t understand that.
    Wray continues to try and paint himself as a middle of the road, black and white guy. If that’s true he’s dumber than a box of rocks. Yes he should be replaced.

  3. Having nothing to base this on but Wray always struck me as a politician, a bureaucrat, and not a crime fighter or even a series investigator. Plausible deniability has always been his default, his cover, that and staying in the good graces of his bosses, specifically Garland.

    I know I sound like a broken record but this is why the next election is so important. Getting the House, getting attack dogs like MTG, Byron Donalds, Jim Jordan, Mike Johnson, and Lauren Boebert chairing Investigative Committees with real teeth, this is the only way to expose the rot and corruption that is prevalent within the FBI.

  4. Brad — That’s what I said. Trump had no control over those choices. I understand that. What I don’t understand is why the Executive can’t put his own people in senior executive positions in his own branch. There shouldn’t be a permanent select committee, it will always be politicized.

  5. “Well… I mean… sure! I signed up for NAMBLA. I really like that sweet, shweet, boy… uh… let’s not call it ‘rape’. But the current spokesmodel’s making us look like… uh… boy rapists. He’s gots to go! For… uh… reasons…”

  6. Bush put Mueller in to make it an anti conservative Stasi! He did a good job. Ass Grassley said yesterday, “FBI is corrupt TO THE CORE!”! Bush’s. Wray is a small part of the problem!


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