FBI Director Chris Wray Press Conference – livestream

CTH: FBI Director Christopher Wray will be holding a 5:30 pm press conference to discuss the issues and fallout from the DOJ Inspector General report released earlier today.

Those reading the report will note the executive summary and conclusions were not written by the same IG officials who wrote the body of the investigative findings.  The investigation doesn’t match the summary.  The media is using the summary for their narrative; however the content within the IG report is entirely devastating.   WATCH HERE

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  1. The report is damaging to the FBI and Media, because of bribes and collusion. Link them together as much as you can in your internet travels. Make it stick. Can’t trust one, can’t trust the other. The public has low opinions of both of them, so it should be easy.

  2. Not one word from Wray about the Constitution or the constant dangers of a politicized FBI becoming a Gestapo or Stasi.

    He’s solely focused on pretending this is just a minor PR blip in public image.
    The smirking swagger and smug condescension say it all.

    Wray is a longtime Mueller protege and has to go. He’s another in a series of stealth Deep State appointments (Jeff Sessions).

  3. “Smug Deep State complacency just oozes off Wray”

    He’s a paunchy Joe Isuzu ,putting on his serious face.

    Q’s “Trust Wray” sort of turned me off to that whole thing. I just cannot do it. Wray is brokering for the Deep State, IMO.

  4. Wray:
    I know it looks reaaally bad, but we didn’t mean anything by it. Oh, and we’re hiring! Only the best, though. We have standards. *gun fingers, wink*
    Thanks, you’ve been a great audience.

  5. 92-5. 92-5. Wray confirmed 92-5 told me everything I needed to know about him.
    Don’t know who placed these people, but if PTrump doesn’t get rid of them, we’re toast even if he does get re-elected.

  6. Somebody, anybody in the FBI, needs to crunch their love of country vs. their retirement plan. They need to find that their love of country eclipses any personal economic loss and also their personal safety. Somebody with a spine should stand up and be accounted for.

  7. Engelburka Engelburka, that 92-5 bugged me too, until I found out ALL the directors’ confirmations are unanimous or almost. Then it bugged me even more; Whoever they picked is already good with the UniParty or Deep State. The grilling and vote are just ceremonial. For decades like this. I hope Trump gets to pick a new one, so we can see what a real confirmation fight looks like.

  8. I turned it off when he started with what they DIDN’T do wrong. I knew right then is was a load of horseshit…

  9. PDT has the ability to demand all these people’s resignations on his desk by end of business day.
    It’s been a mistake not to do so. Every day of delay allows the Deep State time to further their fatal plans for Trumps complete destruction.

    The Deep State underestimated him initially, and he’s dodged several bullets so far.
    But they will get him— by assassination if need be — unless he gets them first.
    All of them.

  10. I’m also getting really tired of hearing how each and every FBI agent is a steely-eyed American Hero, braving indescribable dangers every day and “putting their lives on the line” like they’re out night-patrolling the perimeter wire in Afghanistan….. yada yada yada.

    A few do. But most never face anything more dangerous than the train commute from DC back to affluent Fairfax, or a paper cut. The typical DC FBI employee is Lisa Page — a nitwit female lawyer from a mediocre school whose $200k+ Federal job is the best thing that could ever happen to her, and spends her work day texting “OMG!!!” s to all her BFFs while deciding where to go for lunch.

    Americans are fed up with parasites and traitors wrapping themselves in The Flag.

  11. In 2016 former FBI Director James @Comey and Andrew McCabe destroyed and buried the credibility of the FBI in the eyes of common sense Americans. Today FBI Director Chris Wray is attempting to hide the location of the grave.
    — TheLastRefuge (@TheLastRefuge2) June 14, 2018

  12. What I would love to see is all the feds in DC, be made to have their positions swapped with other feds in cities/towns across America. Break this connection with the main stream media. Have these big-wigs have to work along side the small town people that make our country great. Maybe it can’t be done, but I wish it could.

  13. It’s becoming abundantly clear President DJT can only do so much. If we want our country back from these parasites we’re going to need to take it back.

  14. I’m just about done reading “Horse Soldiers”. All of these men need cabinet level positions, Congressional posts and senate level power. Michael Spann gave it all so, he isn’t available….replace the pussies…

  15. Trump should pardon Hillary. For the crimes Comey enumerated when he stood in front of the nation and told us she acted stupidly. She’ll never be indicted much less tried, but if Trump recounts the crimes she committed in the language of the pardon, that is almost as good as a conviction.

    And the Left will go insane that he just did that.

  16. In the real world — you know, the one you and I have to live in? — if you or I became the subject of an intense investigation in our places of employment and if it was learned that although we didn’t do things that we should have known better to do (because we were hired to have expertise, right?), and we severely damaged the reputation of our company in the process, guess what? Yup, we’d clean out our desk and hand in that letter of resignation. Why? Because if we didn’t, we’d be shunned within the company, demoted, and be put on “special projects.” If not simply fired for incompetence. In the real world.

  17. Over a year and half, God knows how many hours and salaries involved, nearly 600 pages. Fire the whole shebang!

  18. The 7th floor at the FBI has nothing but contempt for the average American citizen. They have made it very clear that they are clueless as to who writes their paychecks. They should all be fired and lose all benefits including pensions but it won’t happen.

  19. Too much nothing about ado.

    Clearly, the report outlines and specifies many crimes that were committed but the “conclusion” is the FBI needs to better train personnel on procedure.

    Sure, that’s what’s needed “training”, not prosecution. GMAFB!

  20. Whoever approved Wray’s press conference and the content of the press conference needs to be humiliated, beaten and terminated.

    I can’t say for certain whether it’s Horseshit or Bullshit, but it is a load of shit that continues to be flung to cover-up corruption and convince us that integrity still resides in the halls of the FBI.

    Accountability and consequences my ass.

  21. What’s the name for an entrenched bureaucracy that wields so much power for its own defense and continuance that it is essentially a perpetual monarchy? There’s a word for it but it’s slipping my mind

  22. RUFUS
    Political “junkies” (I confess; that is my group.) knew the FBI had been turned into STASI 9/01 when a know Stalinist was promoted. I admit I did not know of his connection to the Mafia; but I was aware of his ties to KGB. He is the “prefect” man to “look into” Russian meddling!

  23. @grool — It’s called the Administrative State. There was an issue of Imprimus (I think last year) that delved into this severe problem; unelected gov’t careerists who operate outside, but within, and persist despite whichever political party dominates the three equal branches of gov’t. And, unfortunately, we all know who has done the most damage in terms of hiring these career “policy” makers for the past several decades — either the Uniparty or the D’s.


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