FBI Director Nominee Chris Wray Earns Bipartisan Support

Even Eric Holder thinks he’s the bee’s knees.
Should I be suspicious?

Daily Caller: Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee are already quite smitten with Christopher Wray, President Trump’s pick for FBI director.

Wray had his confirmation hearing in front of the Senate Judiciary on Wednesday and received high praise from multiple members of the committee during their questioning.

“Mr. Wray, I have been very impressed…with your testimony here today,” Democratic Minnesota Sen. Al Franken said. “You’ve had a good hearing today and best of luck to you, sir.”

“From my point of view you’re the right guy at the right time,” Republican South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham admitted.  more

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  1. I’d sure as hell ask him what his relationship has been with Holder and others in the previous Obama administration as well as any connections he had to the Democrat party. If the Dems on the panel are going to make it easy then the Republicans have to ask all the hard questions.

  2. President Trump selected him. I trust his decision. If Wray turns out to be a Comey, Muller, Lynch fellow traveler, then, as Davy put it, we are indeed fucked.

  3. Franken, Graham and Feinstein supports Wray.
    Makes me nervous, can Sessions enforce a non-partisan FBI after Comey’s malfeasance? Can Wray get rid of the progressive political hacks from the Clinton and Obama administration?
    The jury is out.

  4. Wow. Has anybody called him a “stand-up guy” yet? I didn’t like the looks of him to begin with. Fix=In.

  5. I liked the line of questioning by the dems on the committee: “Mr. Wray, if the president tells you to do something illegal, what would you do?” Republicans weren’t much better.

  6. Anybody that has bipartisan support, which includes al franken and lindsey graham, is probably someone we will not be happy with. I would feel better if those two were screaming mad.

  7. Wray was quoted in a recent article praising Muller as if he was King. Every Democrat and every Rino praised Muller in the same way at the Benghazi hearings. I have no faith in Wray if he thinks Muller is honorable.

  8. Who in the administration supported and submitted Wray to the President? Sessions, Rence Pubics, McConnel, Ryan, Schumer? Who are the BIG advocates that pushed his nomination??

  9. He was selected by President Trump, based on his cabinet picks, i approve. If he turns out to be garbage, he serves at the pleasure of the President. Give him a try, he doesn’t work out, wave bye- bye!


    To get your guy in, make him look as liberal and anti-Trump as possible. Then when he gets the job, he can help prosecute Hillary.

    If not, Trump can fire his ass and start over.

  11. I have every confidence that Wray will be a swamp-drainer of the first order. I know it’s hard when we all want to count coup on the D’s (and we will in our way); we want junk yard dogs and anything less raises our hackles. But we’ve got to continue to secure the blessings already bestowed on us. There is no way for us, the citizens of this country, to begin to trust the people of our gov’t again if it’s SSDD, only a different party. It won’t work. Trump understands this and I’m sure Sessions wouldn’t have it any other way under his department. It will work, just wait and watch.

  12. Proof, if any were needed, that he’s a certifiable maggot.

    Another crooked cop, like Comey and that bastard from Chicago (even though Emanuel punked him).

    izlamo delenda est …

  13. This is a true hand in poker, the only one who knows what cards you have is you. Everybody else guesses based on your behavior, your bets, and your strategy. The dealer is still pumping out cards.

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