FBI finishes email examination; ready to interview Hillary

Also: TIL that James Comey was a big part of the Clinton Whitewater investigation. ht/ all too much


The FBI has completed its examination of Hillary Clinton’s emails and will soon be interviewing Clinton herself and deciding whether to file criminal charges, a report said.

The FBI has been joined by Justice Department prosecutors and will also interview key State Department figures, including former Clinton aide Philippe Reines and ex-Clinton chief of staff Cheryl Mills, according to Al Jazeera America.

After the interviews are conducted, officials expect FBI Director James Comey to make his recommendation to Attorney General Loretta Lynch about potential criminal charges, the network said.

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  1. Wait a minute. Are you telling me that this guy cleared Hillary in Whitewater and then prosecuted Scooter Libby for the Plame thing.

    Ah man.

  2. Push comes to shove, I don’t need an indictment. I just want her out of the running for President.

  3. @Someguy. Different guy. Comey was Special Counsel to the Rebluican Committee looking into Whitewater. The Prosecutor was Independent Counsel.

    “The records released today by Judicial Watch were prepared for an “All OIC Attorneys” meeting on April 27, 1998, at which a final decision about whether to indict Clinton and Hubbell was the subject of a lengthy debate. The records explore in detail the role Clinton played in the fraudulent Castle Grande transaction, the role of Madison Guaranty Savings & Loan, and the subsequent lengthy cover-up as the Clintons sought and won the White House.
    Ultimately, as an April 24, 1998, memo suggests, prosecutors were persuaded that a jury would not convict Clinton based upon circumstantial evidence. OIC attorney Paul Rosenzweig wrote:

    In a high profile case of this sort, however, I think that some jurors are likely to put OIC to the full measure of proof beyond a reasonable doubt and, in effect, insist that circumstantial evidence is an inferior form of evidence on which they cannot convict. Such a distinction would be “lawless” in a formal sense, as contrary to their jury instructions – but we blink reality if we do not expect this reaction to a primarily circumstantial high profile case.

    The prosecutor concluded:

    Bottom line: We can anticipate the following: 2% = Rule 29; 18% = Acquittal; 70% =Hung Jury; 10% = Conviction. Not enough in my view.”


  4. No justice is gonna happen to Hillary. Ever. Not until someone man’s the fuck up and handles this bitch like she needs to be handled.

    So swallow it, and shut the fuck up.

  5. Raise your hand if you believe the Department of Justice will indict and prosecute Hillary. OK, hands down she’ll walk just as before.

  6. “The FBI has completed its examination of Hillary Clinton’s emails and will soon be interviewing Clinton herself and DECIDING whether to file criminal charges, a report said.”

    “Hillary Clinton! You’re our next contestant on Let’s Make A Deal !!”

  7. No indictment.

    Lynch will whitewater th … uhh … whitewash …
    the whole thing … may claim there was some sort of administrative error and suggest a fine, but NO JUSTICE!


    Obola cannot indict HRC without indicting himself.

    Never happen.

    izlamo delenda est …

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