FBI New York Field Office Told To Continue Clinton Foundation Probe

DC: Officials at FBI headquarters instructed its New York field office to continue its corruption investigation into the Clinton Foundation following the election of Republican candidate Donald Trump, according to a former senior law enforcement official.

The instructions ordered agents to “go forward” with their ongoing inquiry into the Clinton Foundation which is focusing on issues of corruption and money laundering, according to the source.

“There were no instructions to shut it down, to discontinue or to stand down on the investigation, but to continue its work,” the former official told the Daily Caller News Foundation in an interview.

He said he received this information about a week ago and that the order originated from the bureau’s headquarters in Washington, D.C. well after the November 8 election.  He did not know who at FBI Headquarters issued the order.

6 Comments on FBI New York Field Office Told To Continue Clinton Foundation Probe

  1. Good!! Investigate, gather the evidence, then try and convict. I know it’ll never actually happen, as the Clintons are D.C. royalty, but i’m hoping that with Trump in the driver’s seat something will get done.

  2. Bill_Clinton follows me over at Gab, I will have to ask him about this.
    Yes, I know it really isn’t him, sheesh.

  3. DUH BUBBA DONT KNOW HOW TO OPEN EMAIL….lol. Unless its from Lolita Express confirming his flight bookings and arrangements, including the pizzafest.

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