FBI official was fired for anti-Trump bias. Now comes word top Mueller prosecutor guilty of biased email

BPR: Special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation has come under severe scrutiny since news broke an FBI official who handled the Hillary Clinton email case was fired from for texts that contained “anti-Trump bias.”

Although we don’t know the exact details of what FBI agent Peter Strzok wrote to warrant firing from the Russia case, the damage may had already been done. It turns out that the mysterious change from “grossly negligent” to “extremely careless” in former FBI director James Comey’s infamous exculpation of Hillary Clinton can be traced back to Strzok.

So much for “independent” and “bias-free” investigations.

Now, a different member of Mueller’s team is under fire for giving praise to fired outgoing acting Attorney General Sally Yates. This came from top prosecutor Andrew Weissmann to Sally Yates on Jan. 30, in praise of the court’s obstruction of Trump’s travel ban for non-compliant countries.

 “I am so proud,” Weissman wrote. “And in awe. Thank you so much. All my deepest respects.”

Andrew Weissman is none other than Mueller’s deputy in the Russia probe.  MORE

18 Comments on FBI official was fired for anti-Trump bias. Now comes word top Mueller prosecutor guilty of biased email

  1. Washington is infested with these freaks. Like the wicked witch’es flying monkeys.
    Like any infestation the deeper you dig the more you expose.

  2. Weissman has a nose like a proboscis monkey. Bet he was a popular guy with his drinking buddies before flip top cans came along.

  3. If I read it right, Strzok was not fired. He was transferred to Human Resources.

    Should have been, but this is Worshington. Nobody really gets “fired” in Worshington. Ever.

  4. Thou shalt not lie to the FBI.
    But the FBI can lie to the American people.
    A once great organization, now smeared for ever.
    Where do they go to get their good name back?

  5. Was he actually fired? I thought they just moved him over to Human Resources to sit on the bench until this blows over. I can see where the Fake News Factories might want to call this a “firing”, but the rest of us need to be more precise.

  6. Fixing the FIBS! Fire everybody on the 7th floor in “management”, move the flush handle. Promote who is left, recruit new agents.

  7. It would appear that Herr Mueller is having a bit of a problem with his Rodham Clinton Pro-Nazi Goons!


    Other than the Dept. of Defense, the rest of it can be done by the states. There is not an ethical person in the entire county that is trustworthy enough to do anything.

  9. He was technically ‘fired’ from the former position and sent somewhere else. That’s just on paper. But it makes no difference to us because we know what’s going on.

  10. MJA, they will minimize when they want to (not an “investigation”, but a “matter”) and they will maximize when they want to (not a “reassignment”, but a “FIRING”). As if he’s been dealt with in the most severe manner possible. I think most people think “fired” means to be removed entirely from an organization, and that’s what the media is counting on.

  11. @Irish…I’d like to respectfully submit that scientists say rats and roaches will be all that remains alive after the big one goes off.


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