FBI refuses to tell US Senate if Trump’s phones are tapped

BPR: Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Chris Wray did not answer when asked if the FBI or the National Security Agency is currently collecting President Donald Trump’s phone conversations.

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., broached the subject Wednesday as Wray testified before a Senate committee hearing on national security issues, when he asked about intel agencies collecting data on international calls.

“Do you think that it’s possible that the president’s conversations with international leaders are in the [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act] database?” Paul asked.

“I’m not sure there’s anything I could speak to in this setting,” the FBI director said.

Paul responded to say the Washington Post reported about two years ago there were 1,500 times when then-President Obama “was minimized meaning that, yes, you are gathering up so much information – you, the NSA, the intelligence community – that actually the president’s conversations are caught up in there.”

After their exchange, the libertarian-minded Paul took to Twitter to call for reforms on how intelligence agencies collect data, suggesting that if the president is not safe from “bad actors,” none of us are.  more here

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  1. There are some good people in danger of losing their seats in this upcoming election, example Dave Brat, if he loses Trump should appoint him to head the corrupt FBI.

  2. I can’t stand that oily, Joe Isuzu-looking swamper. Sundance, you still liking him? Q, do you still say trust Wray?

    Thank you, Senator Paul, for putting him on the spot.

  3. Thank you, Senator Paul, for asking the right question and putting Joe Isuzu on the spot.

    Trust Wray? Q, please…

  4. I expect a number of things to happen on 11-7-18, the least of which is a pink slip for Mr. Wray. We had better see a slew of indictments for swamp critters or Sessions is toast. It is way past time for a pump out on the septic tank called DC.

  5. How have the Clintons managed to gain so much power in Washington? Simple, they’ve spent a great deal of time and effort gathering dirt on everyone up there {think J. Edger Hoover} then they let the persons know that their secrets are safe with them unless………


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