FBI Spied on Americans without a Warrant in Search For ‘Right-Wing Domestic Extremists’ – IOTW Report

FBI Spied on Americans without a Warrant in Search For ‘Right-Wing Domestic Extremists’


The FBI once again spied on American citizens without court-ordered FISA warrants.

The FBI went around the FISA court and looked through NSA communications in search of ‘far-right domestic extremists’ despite being warned several years earlier it was unconstitutional (Fourth Amendment violation).

Presiding FISA judge James Boasberg said he discovered “apparent widespread violations of the querying standard.”

According to a heavily redacted FISA report dated November 18, 2020 and declassified on Monday, seven FBI field offices were implicated in violations.


21 Comments on FBI Spied on Americans without a Warrant in Search For ‘Right-Wing Domestic Extremists’

  1. The FBI is about as useful as the ads on this site of late that try to hijack my device making me click off site out of frustration.

  2. What consequences has the FBI and the individuals who perform these illegal actions faced?
    The FBI continually ignores the Constitution, it has become a rogue agency filled with politically motivated thugs who are above the law.

  3. Chris Wray was confirmed as Director by a Senate vote of 92-5. The five who voted against him were some of the most radical Democrats. They must have been out of the Uniparty loop at the time.

  4. We see what their capabilities are which then begs the question:
    Why wasn’t any of this used to go after the real domestic terrorists who burned and looted our cities last year???
    It is this selective application of the law that is destroying the country… leaving one to conclude that it is not only intentional, it is the objective.

  5. They’re criminals. Get rid of it. we can trust county sheriffs more than we can those crooks.

  6. Funny thing is, there were never any consequences for the illegal acts of the KGB or GESTAPO, either.
    Wonder why that was?
    Come to think of it members of SAVAK, OVRA, NKVD, the Cheka, the STASI, the PNR, and the GRU never suffered for their crimes.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. The FBI is a domestic terrorist organization. It should be dismantled, and those involved in illegal surveillance should be prosecuted and jailed.

  8. Why don’t they just advertise on Craigslist like everybody else.
    Now hiring domestic white terrorists. The FIB needs your help.

  9. So Die Hard, 24, and all those other shows where FBI agents were disliked and where they behaved like thugs were right on.

  10. What is the point of declassifying something if it’s heavily redacted? That’s just a different way to say it’s still classified.

  11. The FBI is a scandal and a national disgrace, it needs to be closed down.

    … and Sean Hannity can go pound sand up his ass, there is no conceivable way that the corruption is not systemic, pervasive and thorough.

  12. All our federal agencies have been politically weaponized in the Demonrat war on patriots.

    The FBI is no exception, the federal government is totally corrupt and owned by the globalist cabal.

  13. WHY would the FBI waste the time and effort to ask the courts for warrants? When all it need do is pay any of the big 3 Social Media giants to sell them info?

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