FBI Stirs Itself Enough To Request Matt Braynard’s Evidence Of Voter Fraud – IOTW Report

FBI Stirs Itself Enough To Request Matt Braynard’s Evidence Of Voter Fraud


Matt Braynard, a former data chief and strategist for the Trump campaign, and his team at The Voter Integrity Project have conducted a review of ballot and election results in the 2020 election. Braynard went through his team’s work in a recent video, revealing the troubling findings his team uncovered in the course of their research.

Braynard now says the FBI has reached out to him and his team asking for them to hand over evidence underlying their findings.  More

25 Comments on FBI Stirs Itself Enough To Request Matt Braynard’s Evidence Of Voter Fraud

  1. Keep copies, dude. They ‘lose things’.

  2. Be careful. I’m pretty sure the FBI was looking out for Jeffrey Epstein with only the best intentions.

  3. And why is it that the FBI can’t find this evidence on their own?

    What the fuck are we paying these traitors for?

  4. Back when I was young, the father of a friend was Special Agent in Charge in my hometown. Ephrem Zimbalist Jr. was on The FBI every Sunday night. I wanted to be an Agent so bad I could taste it. I always regretted I let that dream go, until the last couple of decades. I don’t think I could look myself in the mirror if I worked for them, ever.

  5. FBI can also signify fumbling, bureaucratic, imbeciles.

  6. They will charge a few people with vote fraud.

  7. @Extirpates — For quite a long time they’ve been known to local cops as Fart, Burp, and Itch.

    I might add: Fail, Bury, Ignore

  8. I imagine the 302s regarding this have been round filed right away.

  9. I’m sure they’ll but some republicans in jail.

  10. Levite’s Finicum comes to mind. Anti American all

  11. Let us hope that the FBI does not proactively and directly “suicide” Mr. Braynard, that he has copies – and that he has good security.

  12. Oh please… The Faggots Beyond Idiocy are only interested in grabbing the evidence and burning it.

  13. The only reason they’re doing this right now is so that they can come out with their findings (lies) that there was “a few incidents of voter fraud but not widespread election fraud.” That way the media and the useful idiots can run with that story. They are attempting to create evidence.

  14. They will spend the next 5 years checking it out and finally blame the usual, imiginary, white supremicists.

  15. The FBI has very little credibility left at this point. Damn shame.

  16. I do not have a problem with the FBI, and any other alphabet soup bureaucrat organization investigating anything (right or left), I only ask that they apply the same standards to everybody.
    Having said that, I do understand the deep state and acknowledge that I am probably pissing in the wind. I just ask that they apply standards to everybody and not single out one side.

  17. I don’t know Roger, it seems to me the alphabet agencies have a well established history of not applying the same standards to everybody. At what point should we have a problem with them?

  18. fbi is getting involved only to cover up and bury the evidence

  19. And we used to think the FBI was bad when J.E. Hoover was a cross-dresser.

  20. The FBI is NOT interested in actually finding evidence of fraud. They want any evidence anyone has so they can BURY IT and then announce there is no fraud. The FBI is OWNED by the American Communist Party nee Demonrats.

  21. The FBI is a joke, and it will never recover from the likes of Wray and Barr. The IRS will never recover from the likes of Lois Lerner. The CIA will never recover from the likes of Brennan.

    Now, we are realizing our military might never recover from the likes of Mattis, McMasters, etc. Our military is all we have left.

  22. The FBI has requested copies of the independent investigation showing multiple people voted in multiple states? That would sound interesting until one remembers that the same FBI took possession and hid the Hunter Biden laptop for 10 months and never did fess up as to why. And, that the same FBI tried to set up LGen Flynn. And the same FBI…..you get the picture.


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