FBI sweating the Memo release

DAILY CALLER: The FBI expressed “grave concerns” on Wednesday over a controversial surveillance memo that could be released to the public this week.

In a rare move, the FBI issued an on-the-record statement claiming that the memo, which was crafted by Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee, contains “material omissions of fact that fundamentally impact the memo’s accuracy.”

The four-page memo reportedly alleges that the Justice Department and FBI failed to provide information regarding the infamous Steele dossier in an application for a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant taken out against former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.

The warrant was granted in Sept. 2016, just after Page left the Trump campaign. He is a prominent figure in the dossier, which was written by former British spy Christopher Steele and financed by the Clinton campaign and DNC.   READ MORE

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  1. Nothing’s stopping the FBI from releasing any further information they feel would be relevant. They just don’t want their widespread corruption exposed to the public. That’s just too bad.

  2. I saw on the “news” this morning that demoncraps are accusing Republicans of changing the memo before releasing it. They are scared and trying to get a jump on damage control.

  3. They don’t want anyone to pull the thread that unravels the sweater. The time for worrying about their credibility with the public is long past. Now the moves to conceal internal corruption only makes the organization look that much worse.

  4. The phrase, ““material omissions of fact that fundamentally impact the memo’s accuracy” can be interpreted TWO ways:

    1) (the way the MSM takes it, in their TDS way) the memo is incomplete and therefore inaccurate.


    2) setting up the “demand” in the public to justify Trump’s releasing the background documents on which the memo was based…the TRUE dynamite. After all, Leftists of all stripes are going to whine that the memo on its own is just “baseless claims;” so Trump can say, “well, since you asked for it…” and not be accused of wrecklessly releasing classified documents (which he alone can declassify).

  5. And now this. Breaking:(Via FoxNews) “Lou Dobbs: Our chief correspondent at the White House, John Roberts, telling us that the new version of the memorandum has been altered in some ways by the White House review. Five professional members of the FBI were at the White House to meet with the Chief of Staff John Kelly to got through that.”

  6. The government needs to place all FBI employees into one of two categories: essential and non-essential. They need to then fire the non-essential ones and use the essential employees as a base to restructure and rededicate the Agency!

  7. That will be their narrative. They’re already making excuses and trying to deflect. If the Democrats are so concerned about accuracy, what’s keeping them from releasing the original, grammar mistakes and all? They must have a copy of it, don’t they?

  8. All the stops being pulled by traitors, to discredit the memo as much as possible before it is released. The memo needs to be released ASAP to stop the dems.

  9. They weren’t so concerned when Barky, in his final days as Preezy, issued new rules on EO 12333 to “…provide more intelligence agencies across the federal government direct access to raw information collected by the NSA.”

    So f–k ’em.

  10. Since the FBI is so concerned about truth, are we to assume that they will provide all the “omitted” information, fully and truthfully?

  11. TO Cliche
    NO. Timing is everything. This is NOT “government” speed.
    Set ’em up, then knock ’em down.

    TO MJA
    Yes, it’s sort of obvious (like with Donald “no amnesty” Trump making his immigration offer): it’s pre-planned.

    TO RickeyG
    Not exactly…they will be made to provide all the backup docs. Now that the House Intel Cmte has asked the Executive Branch (Trump) to release it, it’s Trump’s decision…NOT the FBI’s.

  12. Any there are any “alterations”, they were probably black outs on national security info. The rest of the memo to be released QUICKLY.
    Just my humble opinion.

  13. Lets keep in mind that the committee was stonewalled for over a year while attempting to get the FBI/DOJ to release the info they requested. Now they’re complaining they didn’t have enough time to review the memo.

  14. As others have pointed out, at first they were concerned about the 4 page memo being a threat to national security and now they’re worried about “omissions of fact”. It truly is delicious watching these power hungry corrupt weasels being exposed for what they are and the unimaginable corruption they were engaged in. Had Trump not been elected, it would have never seen the light and the poor man would have been fighting the frame job. Just crazy stuff happening!

  15. @Cliche Guevara February 1, 2018 at 11:16 am

    > I’m afraid we don’t have enough graves to bury all these traitors.

    Self-fueling crematoria. If the Nazis could do it, and the Americans could beat the Nazis, then we can do it! And by “we” I mean guys old enough to think Nancy and Hillary are still hawt! Younger than that, well, not so much.

  16. I only hope the Republicans and their staff that crafted this memo were meticulous in ensuring the accuracy of every assertion, every fact and in every detail because you know the Dems, the DOJ and the FBI will be coming after it full bore looking for any chink, any error no how small to cast doubt on the entire document. If it can hold up to such scrutiny and contains evidence of government departments and the Democratic Party conspiring against a duly elected President then 2018 will be a bloodbath for the Dems with even well known members falling.

  17. If the Dems insist that the 4 page report (which is a summary of zillions of documents they have), then just release the docs that corroborate the memo.

    The Dems can’t think that far ahead.


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