FBI Uncovers Secret Gangs of Tattooed Los Angeles Deputies

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has launched a probe into multiple gangs hidden within the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.


The Banditos, Spartans, Regulators, and Reapers are literal gangs that exist within the roughly 10,000 members of the Los Angeles law enforcement agency. The investigation was triggered by allegations of abuse by the Banditos in March.

Each member of the Banditos is tattooed with a skeleton wearing a sombrero, bandolier, and pistol. Allegations against them include using gang tactics to recruit young Latino deputies, and punishing those who reject their advances.

An unidentified source told the Los Angeles Times that FBI agents “have been trying to determine whether leaders of the Banditos require or encourage aspiring members to commit criminal acts, such as planting evidence or writing false incident reports, to secure membership in the group.”

Deputies David Silverio, Gregory Rodriguez and Rafael Munoz, and Sergeant Mike Hernandez were put on paid leave following the aforementioned allegations, but Sheriff Alex Villanueva has repeatedly minimized the danger. He labeled the gangs a mere “cultural norm,” and believes the problem has already been solved by past investigations. more here

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  1. Ah…so the Mexican cartels now enforce the laws on some but not all people they are friends with. How nice the dumocrats have helped with this…keep voting for bedlam

  2. The FBI’s a gang of traitors, so what’s the big deal?

    “My gang is red-hot!
    Your gang ain’t diddley-squat!”

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. So if civil war breaks out we have another reason to not trust the police or the government. Got it!

  4. Law Enforcement agencies could avoid most of this if they adopted common sense meritocracy practices instead of bowing at the altar of identity politics and affirmative action hiring.

    LASD is a prestigious dept. but thousands of better-qualified non-gang affiliated applicants are turned down because they are not the right sex or the right skin color. Lowering standards just so that you can check some dopey intersectionality box puts all citizens in danger.

  5. California’s government is utterly corrupt; did you think the cops were exempt?
    Biggest gang in existence.

  6. @CC, that is pretty narrow-minded of you.

    LASD is just one of the hundreds of separate LE entities within the state. A vast majority of individual officers abhor the bigoted hiring practices of cowed municipalities and prefer the best possible candidate be hired because that guy is going to be his beat partner, someone who may save his life one day.

  7. Remember all those stories about corrupt police asking for bribes, beating people, and jailing people for no reason in Mexico and South America?

    Those people are now in Los Angeles.

  8. Real life imitating the movies like Clint Eastwood’s second Dirty Harry movie Magnum Force where he goes after vigilante rogue cops who have declared war on bad guys in a vigilante manner. Except now it seems to be accepted because of political correctness that has infiltrated the LAPD and probably other Police depts. as well across the country. But most of the vigilante action now seems to be against Whitey and conservatives as well as other non favored groups.

  9. Pay attention to the cultural norm justifier. This is how Marxists operate on all fronts. They change the meaning of words, morals, and universal truths by shifting the goal post so far left that they become culturally normal.

    This is called the Overton Window and has been active in America since the early 1900s.

    Hence: we now have legalized post birth abortion in addition to abortion. That is infanticide if not genocide, but that is now a legal cultural norm.

    Hence we have legalized transgenderism accompanied by legalized child abuse with children wrestling transgenders while they are being indoctrinated at your local library and 7 yr old crossdressers walking runways in “pageants”.We have swinging cocks running alongside female athletes and dominating women’s sports. Pedophilia and transgender supremacy is now a legal cultural norm.

    Illiegal immigrants are now merely undocumented Americans, and for all intents and purposes legally superseding native born Americans and legal immigrants. Open boarders is a cultural norm.

    Pot is now legal, soon all illicit drugs will be legal because it’s a cultural norm.

    Whites and Christians are openly being hunted and assaulted in our country without consequence and fake hate crimes are not punished because discrimination against whites and Christians is a cultural norm.

    Our 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 10th amendment rights are constantly challenged in congress and the courts because it is now culturally normal to do so.

    The ends justify the means is the cultural norm for the left and we are officially in a civil war. It will commence the day Trumpus Maximus wins the next election.

    Sorry for the long rant, I usually try to be sarcastic and pithy.

  10. LA is a third world shit hole that is rapidly sliding down the chute to fourth world status…..not even Somalia is that bad.

  11. “…FBI agents “have been trying to determine whether leaders of the Banditos require or encourage aspiring members to commit criminal acts,…”

    So said spokesman Special Agent Obvious of the FBI.

  12. This isn’t the first time this has been uncovered in the LAPD. Anyone remember the gang infiltration of the Ramparts division about 20 years ago? LA is now officially a reconquista City!

  13. Probably all started under Sheriff Lee Baca, Islamist Symp, Obama Stooge and jailer of the “Inflammatory Movie” movie maker. The rot has only gotten worse since Baca left.. Big city sheriffs are quite often nests of nepotism, patronage and toadying, only tangentially concerned with law enforcement.

  14. Two words Crossfire Hurricane. It takes one to know one. Focus on the Marxist gang right inside your own organization first.

  15. I got bad news for you folks.This is everywhere
    and they have plants in every state,county office
    and prison.Been going on for a long time…

  16. Rich Taylor –
    vast majority?
    Maybe you could cite your source?
    Too many scandals to whitewash, if you’re paying attention.
    Obviously you aren’t; just looking to whine.

  17. CC, not looking to whine, it’s just too bad that people like you take cheap shots at the police. Do you know how many officers are employed by the LASD? Do you know how many of these employees are suspected of having gang affiliations? I’m sure the answer is NO, yet it didn’t stop you from your hyperbolic factless based assumption that the police are, “The biggest gang in existence”.

    I assume you were just trying to be witty but I don’t think cheap shots are at all witty, that’s what the left does.

    And my source is having known and dealt with hundreds of officers from a few dozen different departments over the years.

  18. So you can’t cite source for your position – I can; thousands of cases in every state, in every newspaper, every year where people given authority under the public trust misuse and violate the rights of others. If not kill them, and get away with it.
    “We investigated ourselves and found no wrongdoing” is pure bullshit – want to argue that?
    Want to argue that they need t be accountable not just to their department, but to THE PUBLIC that pays their goddamned salaries.
    You don’t think some of those cops aren’t lefties?
    You poor, naïve soul.

  19. @CC

    You still haven’t proven your outrageous assertion that the police are, “The biggest gang in existence”.

    There are hundreds of different LE agencies in the country, populated by mostly honorable dedicated officers and some bad ones that aren’t. According to you, they are ALL part of some cabal to engage in illegal activity, which is what a gang does, so tiresome, so unoriginal.

    There are bad apples in every profession and if any cop screws up he should account for his actions, but really, 10’s of thousands of arrests every single day done properly and by the book, thousands of cops retire every day with spotless records and a career dedicated to service, and you are going to trash every one of them with a tired outdated cliche like, “The biggest gang in existence”.

    And who cares if some cops are lefties, many are, so what? Most still do their jobs honorably and with pride.

  20. But they can’t find pedophiles in Hollyweird?

    Wow. But then, pedophilia’s probably not a Federal offense – seein as we got em in the House, Senate, and Supreme Court.

    izlamo delenda est …


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