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FBI: Weapons missing after Worcester armory break-in


AWR: WORCESTER, Mass. —The United States  Army Reserve armory in Worcester was broken into Saturday night.

As Reported By WCVB NEWS: 

The FBI says some weapons are missing as a result of the break-in.

Both the FBI and local police are investigating the break-in at the Lincoln Stoddard Army Reserve Center on Lake Street. The break-in does not seem to be tied to any kind of terrorism threat according to officials.

5 Investigates’ Kathy Curran says the suspects went in through the roof.  more


16 Comments on FBI: Weapons missing after Worcester armory break-in

  1. Wait, this is impossible . . . aren’t there laws against breaking into an armory and stealing weapons?

    It’s like criminals just *ignore* the law or something. 🙁

    Looks like those laws worked as well as those anti-firearm laws the communists love so much.

  2. You would be surprised at the tech available to the FBI.
    Wonder if the place smelled like lobster, garlic, falafel, tortillas or fried chicken?

  3. We don’t know who did or why they did it but we know fer sure there’s no way in hell it’s related to the most violent cult the world has ever known. Can’t be. Probably right wingers.

  4. No doubt it was not an “inside” job….surely our military is not infiltrated. Who would know where to cut through the roof?

    “The Whole World Wonders…”

  5. “The suspects went in through the roof” No asshole, the thieves
    went in through the roof.
    Man, shit, I shoulda been a journalist
    There are no suspects yet. FFS
    Can I become a journalist at age 74, or do I have to go back to school?

  6. MoeTom -Bingo, my thoughts exactly! “Suspects” my ass. It should have read as “criminal thieving burglars…”

    The Leftist media insists on mollycoddling the criminal class in this country. Even after a criminal violates their Safe Space. Fuck ’em

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