FBI’s Hunter Biden Investigation Leads to Joe Biden, Leaks Reveal

Neon Nettle-

The FBI’s investigation into Hunter Biden’s finances has uncovered direct links to his father Joe Biden, a bombshell report has revealed.

A report published Tuesday contends that the ongoing FBI probe leads directly to Joe Biden due to the payment of each other’s bills and sharing of bank accounts.

Newly uncovered leaked emails, obtained by The Daily Mail from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop, show that a single operative was handling financial transactions for the Bidens while also managing their taxes.

Emails show that Hunter’s business partner, Eric Schwerin, was working on Joe Biden’s tax returns and discussing an unusual arrangement between the father and son to pay each other’s bills, despite their individual vast wealth.

Additionally, the emails show that Schwerin fielded book deal requests for Joe Biden, who was Obama’s vice president at the time. more

20 Comments on FBI’s Hunter Biden Investigation Leads to Joe Biden, Leaks Reveal

  1. I’m sure they (fib) will find no conspiracy nor intentional malfeasance. hunter and joe just made a few mistakes that the will not be charged with…

    Nothing to see here!

  2. Well no kidding! We all knew this so what happens now? Nothing until the majority stops going along with the game. It is time to take our balls and go home.

  3. My guess is, they will flaunt every illegal misdeed the Biden’s have participated in, and not a damn thing will be done.
    Hunter is probably being protected at all cost, in return for “Dr” Jill signing up her decrepit senile idiot husband for the job of being the lightning rod for the Dims.

  4. We notice people are asking questions about one of our protectees.

    This will be investigated as an attempted insurrection.

    Have your affairs in order.

    You may be going away suddenly for a long time.

    If you are innocent you have nothing to fear, just prove you are.

    We will have to detain you until you do, however.

  5. The DOJ doesn’t have time to do investigations, they are too busy running defense for democrats.

  6. The FBI is the “Sword and Shield” of totalitarianism.

    ALL these “bombshells” are Ladyfingers.

    mortem tyrannis.
    Fuck Joe Biden.
    izlamo delenda est …

  7. If they can get away with murder (as in Ashley Babbitt) whut makes anyone think that they’re going to prosecute Vincent Van Blow and Jackass Joe???

  8. Every story in that tabloid is called a bombshell, find it in the supermarket checkout stand, that story was right next to outerspace aliens have landed.

  9. Any story about “outerspace aliens have landed” is fake news. The fact is our society is the main reason aliens lock their door when cruising past Earth!

  10. MissInMi

    Setting up the Ì`M A SENILE JACKASS DEFENCE, and he is!

    Except he has been lining his pockets and stupid for decades.


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