FBI’s vetting of informants like Christopher Steele slammed by inspector general

John Solomon Reports: The former British spy Christopher Steele and his now infamous Russia collusion dossier became a powerful reminder that the FBI often relies on confidential human sources, or informants, to make cases. And investigations are only as good as the information fed to agents.

It turns out, according to a stinging new report by Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz, that the FBI has done a poor job over the last decade vetting informants for their credibility and reliability and documenting “red flags” when warranted.

Horowitz rebuked the bureau in a report released this week for failing to follow Justice Department procedures in vetting informants and allowing for a lengthy backlog of required validation reports about the reliability and credibility of long-term confidential human sources (CHS).

The internal watchdog found “significant weaknesses,” including inadequate resources dedicated inside the FBI to vet informants, artificial limits on long-term reviews that did not consider the full five years of work of an informant and a poorly designed electronic records system.

“These factors increased the likelihood that the FBI has not adequately mitigated the risks associated with long-term CHSs, including the risks posed by overly familiar and non-objective handling agents and CHS relationships,” Horowitz warned. read more

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  1. I was on the jury for a federal drug case once. The case used an informer. Granted, informers are not going to be among societies best, but this guy made you cringe nonetheless.

    And the investigators were bright bulbs, either.

  2. A stinging new report? Give me a fucking break. All these toads need to find something constructive to do. Like hanging themselves. Wake me up when the asteroid arrives.

  3. You know the Republic is in serious trouble when it’s top law enforcement agency uses known false information to obtain warrants and convictions of it’s citizens. It makes zero difference why they do it, the fact is, they do and it’s rampant.

    I see no Constitutional authority for the FBI or any of the other ‘national’ police forces, such as the DEA, ATF, etc. It just goes to show how corrupt things get when you first throw out the founding documents and ‘wing it’ with a ‘living constitution’.

    Enjoy what’s left of our Republic while you can. These crooks (and their compatriots) won’t leave a brick standing. You can already see the foundations of their scorched earth policy via the ‘impeachment’ fiasco.

    Just wait until the Federal Reserve gets into the act.

  4. “Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.”

    “That is Lavrentiy Beria; my Himmler.”

    FBI Labs manufactured “evidence.”
    FBI swore to false reports for FISA warrants (at least thrice!).
    The FISA court itself is a Constitutional Abomination.

    Historical “precedence?”
    Legal “precedence?”

    How can a matrix of lies built upon a foundation of lies be anything other than lies?

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. I’m guessing Horowitz’s wife metes out the punishment in his household.
    And before anyone points out the IG has no authority to indict, yes I know, but the descriptors of “no known bias” or “lacked candor” certainly aren’t helpful in building a case.

  6. Once the Worlds supreme law enforcement agency now ranking well below the Keystone cops and they will continue to screw up unabated, damaging lives across the world and no one has the bawls to fix it right. On we limp through our self made third world BS.

  7. Now that precedent has been established (sanctuary states, for example), I think right-thinking county sheriff’s should declare their counties to be FBI-free. No cooperation with FBI, and no FBI presence tolerated.


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