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FCC chief scheduled for marathon week of testimony on Internet rules

The Hill: Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler’s March schedule is filling up fast.

boot licker Tom Wheeler

Wheeler has agreed to cap off a marathon week of hearings next month with testimony in front of the House Energy and Commerce subcommittee on Communications and Technology on March 19.

The hearing, announced by panel Chairman Greg Walden (R-Ore.), will be his third of the week. He will also testify at the Senate Commerce Committee and the House Oversight Committee.

There is still another request for testimony outstanding from the House Judiciary Committee.  more


13 Comments on FCC chief scheduled for marathon week of testimony on Internet rules

  1. And if the R’s try to “repeal” Net Neutrality, I can already hear the idiot leftist morons say “If you repeal it, just what are you going to replace it with”

    I hate progs.

  2. These hard-hitting question hearings make great YouTube clips but if the Republicans don’t actually DO something to stop this tyranny what does it accomplish?
    These masterminds need to be called out, for sure, but ultimately, they need to be STOPPED and their agencies SHUT DOWN.
    Imagine every Republican united on the steps of the capital announcing that the IRS has been proven totally corrupt, and until it is either cleaned out or abolished no American is going to have to send one dime of their hard earned income to a crooked agency.

  3. has wimpy wheeler even pubished the regulations enacted by fiat?

    like every other unconstitutional fed gov alphabet department our political overlords have created to deflect personal criticism for their power grabbing activites, the fcc’s overreach is more than predictable.

    the truly ironic part is the house of representatives allowing the fcc to dictate to them, what pussies, they have power, they have spent their lives to accumulate it, but they fail to use it in the face of their adversaries? something does not add up here does it? it’s like they want this to take place.

  4. Hmmmm. Shouldn’t these hearings have been held BEFORE the FCC decided to regulate the Internet?

  5. An another spinning wheels waste of time and money by the zeros of congress.

    NET ZERO is my new name for Congress.

  6. Hey ‘Curtain, those hard-hitting question hearings may never make it to the internet without ‘review’ by the regulators. Something about reasonableness or some other hooey this admin has thought up.
    Besides the questioners don’t know a port 80 from a port wine.

  7. This “testimony” is all bread and circuses for the masses.

    Both factions within the same one congressional party wants this FCC government takeover.

    Don’t convince yourselves otherwise.

  8. And after a week of marathon hearings, nothing will happen. Just like every other scandal since Obama has taken office. Political theater, folks. Nothing to see here.


  9. Why does every OLD WHITE useful IDIOT in this Administration, look like Sen. Geary? :huh:

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