FDA Advisory Panel Rejects Pfizer Booster Shots

CTH: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advisory group who evaluate the efficacy and safety of vaccines have rejected the request for Pfizer booster shots.  However, the White House -desperately trying to push as many needle jabs as possible-  was already on track to being giving booster shots this month.  The implication here is that the White House was not following the recommendations of the FDA or the science.

WASHINGTON DC – A U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advisory panel voted Friday against approval of Pfizer (PFE)/BioNTech’s (BNTX) third dose for the U.S.

The vote comes after a heated debate in recent weeks over the need for booster or additional shots, which both mRNA companies — Pfizer and Moderna (MRNA) — have advocated for.

Dr. Peter Marks, the FDA’s leading expert on vaccines, touched on the controversy in his introductory remarks. “We know that there may be differing opinions of the interpretation of the data regarding the potential need for additional doses, and we strongly encourage all the different viewpoints to be voiced and discussed regarding the data, which is complex, and evolving,” Marks said.

He added the meeting focused on almost real-time analyses compared to what is happening in the world, and the goal remains slowing the spread of COVID-19, which is killing almost 2,000 Americans daily. read more

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  1. Approved or not people have been getting them, I know 6 different people who have gotten a third shot within the last two weeks and only two have been over 65. They’re all bad sick, one in the hospital not expected to make it although they’re calling it covid.
    I wish someone would explain why they’ve been giving them out?

  2. “…the data, which is complex, and evolving…”

    Meaning the FDA will fold before too long. That American Freedom Pass price just keeps rising. Must be inflation.

    And that “2,000 covid deaths a day” is crap. Other things are killing most of them, and the news blackout on proven therapeutics is about what I expect from the medical experts at Yahoo!Finance.

  3. All these people so willing to give up their freedoms for a little bit of perceived safety, who call unvaxxed tyrants, are going to be left out in the cold with ineffective mystery chemicals coursing through their veins, and be classified into the same group as those dirty unvaxxed who they lashed out against for the past 9 months? What could they possibly do now to show how righteous and obedient they are to avoid such a classification? All because of an FDA panel, who BTW, is suddenly “corrupt.” Joe, oh Joe, you must put pressure on the FDA to over-ride the panel’s horrible decision and act as the dictator we installed you as, for the sake of millions of obedient comrades. Our dreams of utopia are fading fast with this recommendation.

  4. Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat’s a shame.

    Bill Gates hardest hit. I bet he went and chugged some of his own filtered fecal water. LOL!

  5. Old Racist White Woman September 18, 2021 at 8:35 am

    I wish someone would explain why they’ve been giving them out?

    Well, because they’re FREE! Antennas should be going up when a billionaire who is a eugenicist, offers you something for free, RUN! Then there’s the fear factor. The ones I know I nicknamed “Scared Shitless.” DH knows who I’m talking about every time I say “there’s scared Shitless!”

    Rumor here is hospital staff is walking off the job….it’s crumbling down around us.

  6. Just curious how crazy this bunch is compared to another group of antivaxxers that banned me…

    Was 9/11 an inside job, the moonlanding faked, and was Sandyhook a false flag operation?

    Just checking the relative mental health status

  7. I’m taking my third jab when available, right age group. Is the swollen nut sack extra ? That with some viagra could feel like a new man.


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