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FDA Approves First Modified T-Cell Treatment For Cancer

Called Kymriah, the treatment utilizes a patients own immune system t-cells that are engineered to attack a form of leukemia in children that is otherwise difficult to fight. The treatment isn’t cheap, at an estimated $475,000 per patient.


Now imagine a world where this method of treatment exists  for a wide range of  cancers, but the nation has single payer / Governmentcare control over medical services. Who’d get access?

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  1. If there was one provider, can you imagine the length of the form, and the 400 doctors needed to confirm,
    A UN of doctors required to approve and 3 years required for processing.
    What would be the amount of your co-payment? Probably would not be above $200,000!
    Rots of Ruck!!!!

  2. Hope Big Pharma doesn’t buy them out, they are going to lose a lot of money as this improves over time

  3. Was this treatment invented before single-payer? Because after single-payer nothing like this would be invented.

  4. Good info Dr. Tar – it’s good to see medical science focusing on the natural immune system for a change instead of the traditional “slash and burn” option.

    The body can’t build its own T-cells including “killer” T-cells without adequate amounts of zinc. The “Tolerable Upper Limit” (the supplemental amount at which no negative impacts are observed) of zinc is 40 mg daily. Zinc is also required by the body to produce more than 300 enzymes needed for many things including collagen and keratin production.

    Zinc oxide is the most poorly absorbed form while chelated and other forms like “picolinate” and “citrate” supplements are absorbed better. For anyone interested in zinc and how it impacts the immune system. this article has a lot of good info:


  5. EVERYONE should get an HD M.R.I. and blood analysis every 2 years, to track how the body changes over time, then we can see how individuals actually get cancer and other diseases.

    Lots of time we have no idea we are sick until it’s too late, then doctors don’t know why. We should monitor our bodies and keep the records.

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