FDA Says Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities Found In Some Medtronic Devices

OAN: (Reuters) – The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Thursday said cybersecurity vulnerabilities were identified in Medtronic Plc’s implantable cardiac devices, clinic programmers, and home monitors.

But, the FDA recommended the usage of the devices and said the medical device maker was developing updates to further mitigate those vulnerabilities. The health regulator added it was not aware of any reports of patients being harmed.  more

6 Comments on FDA Says Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities Found In Some Medtronic Devices

  1. Damn, just when I had just about decided to get that recommended pacemaker, not joking.
    Something else to look into now.

  2. All we need is a pencil neck geek progressive with a man bun making pacemakers and other medical devices malfunction.

    Amazon and Twitter geeks have probably cracked the code already.

  3. I got the pacemaker/defibrillator combo option (worked well so far) but it pisses me off that some hacker could end it all fer me.

    Have the home monitor and luckily it is directly wired into the phone line with no wifi interface.

    Maybe if I get zapped by a runaway it’ll leave a smile on my face.

  4. Never forget, the FDA was weaponized and turned into an evil instrument of the Obama Administration as he worked to re-sculpt Health Care. They went after Medical Device Companies, including Cardiac Science with unreasonable demands, and that fine Company went down the tubes. Many good people were effected, some never recovered.
    So if I look at this with a jaundiced eye, it’s because all things when it comes to Goobermint are Political.


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