FDA To Add New Warning On Johnson & Johnson Covid Vaccine Related To Autoimmune Nerve Syndrome

TeamTuckerCarlson.com: The FDA will add a new warning on the Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccines related to an autoimmune nerve disorder, according to the Washington Post.

According to WaPo, the Food and Drug Administration will say the J&J Covid jab has been linked to “serious but rare side effects called Guillain-Barré syndrome.”

Guillain-Barré is a disorder in which the immune system attacks the nerves. more

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  1. It’s time for Tucker to get some of the guests that Stew Peters has had on. That guy seems to have a good show too.

  2. I was watching Tucker tonight and I believe he said the FDA announced today that they were going to put this warning on all the covid vaccines.

  3. Trust me: I’m from the government and I am here to help.

    The problem: your solution only helps the government!

  4. I keep thinking they will reluctantly release more and more warnings on the vaccines…drip drip drip…to not panic the already vaccinated and maybe get more unvaxed to get the jab before the next warning happens.

    I see on Twitter that Novavax is the one now that people want-supposedly it’s an old school vaccine but you still need 2 shots. The 2 shot thing…🧐

  5. Tomorrow Fauchi will be on CNN, ‘Get over it and get the jab because – COVID causes Guillain-Barré’

  6. VAERS search capabilities are already been restricted and there is a guy that analyzes the data when they do biweekly dumps, they are hiding information on ages and have about a third of the 9,000 as foreign so the data skews when you look at certain views. Also they are extremely behind in data dumps. Fauci said this weekend it is going to be approved and then the local
    mandates can start. Meanwhile they want to censor and fact check texts. All the while the vaccine failure is evident with rising cases in highly vaccinated Israel and UK – perhaps the virologists that said the vaccinated would create the variants were right on.

  7. Sounds like another good reason to take a pass.
    If I’m going to gamble with my life, I want to have the option of getting out of the game.
    Anyone else notice the uptick in ads for whooping Cough and HPV vaccines?
    Are they using this as an alternative to push their poison?
    Call me paranoid, but I don’t trust a .gov that enthusiastically cheers the CCP model.


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