FDA Warns Granola Maker To Stop Listing “Love” As An Ingredient

UPDATE: “Caked” and “Encrusted”— Yikes!

Zilla has a post over at DaTechGuy telling us how ‘love’ wasn’t the only ingredient the FDA was interested in.
Seems the company has some issues with cleanliness… No Love From The FDA.





Nashoba Brooks Bakery has been warned by the FDA that they can not list “love” as an ingredient in their granola. They found the clever little joke a violation of food labeling regulations and sent Nashoba a warning letter to desist in the practice.

The FDA stated that they were actually more concern about “sanitary issues” than in the claim of an unverifiable ingredient.





23 Comments on FDA Warns Granola Maker To Stop Listing “Love” As An Ingredient

  1. My wife makes me the BEST granola, I am positive she puts love in too.
    She cut the honey and butter in half, replaced it with love.

  2. There are a lot of marketing tag lines that could be generated from the publicity.

    “The Granola the FDA couldn’t help by “love’

    “So good you’ll think it was made with “love.”

    “Let the FDA know how much you “love” this product”

    “Every bag made with “love,” despite what the FDA says

  3. Gave you a hat tip link in my Friday post at DaTechGuy’s blog, which goes live at 6pm EST.

    Apparently, the love as an ingredient was the least of the FDA’s concerns with that bakery as they have a long list of disgusting health violations too.

  4. Uh…….have you ever read the “ingredients” on Old Spice products? They are wacky!! Odor fighting gremlins or something like that….

  5. Yet the cosmetics industry is allowed to advertise BS claims about mascara, as an example. 100% longer, thicker lashes— And the ad (print and tv) clearly shows the woman wearing false lashes with the product.

  6. Assuming this is from a Leftist company,
    they could say instead,
    “we had loving, wild sex while on every bag we ship!”

  7. Government always accuses private companies of being guilty of what they themselves are guilty of – Lying.

    Government promised – we could keep our doctor, keep our insurance plan, and pay $2.5k less for it. All lies.
    The GOP said give us control of the government. And they’d repeal the lie written about above, Obamacare. Oh, sorry you fell short, control of both legislative branches won’t do. Give us the Executive branch, the Presidency, and we guaran-damn-tee ya – we will kill & repeal Obamacare. All Lies.

    It’s their natural instinct, strengthened by their own behavior that automatically believe Nashoba’s claim to make their granola with love is a scam. Scammers – it’s who they are And What they do. They everyone is just like them. They aren’t. Lots of people are honest & put love into their projects.

    Besides. Who puts out more effort in to making people addicted to they’re product.
    Big Drug Cartel / Big Tobacco / Big Pharma or Big Government ? My sure bet is on the last one.


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