FDNY Says E-Bikes are Responsible for 140 Fires in the Past 16 Months – IOTW Report

FDNY Says E-Bikes are Responsible for 140 Fires in the Past 16 Months

Tatum Report: According to the FDNY, the lithium-ion batteries used in increasingly popular e-bikes are a fire hazard. Authorities in New York City claim the bikes have been responsible for 140 fires in the past 16 months and resulted in at least five deaths since the beginning of 2021. CBS New York reported that the FDNY put out four bike-related fires in just one day last week. 

Two residences on East Ninth Street in Brooklyn were destroyed in one of the fires, which took 100 firefighters over two hours to put out. The fire reportedly resulted in seven injuries. According to the Fire Department, these incidents are nothing new, there have already been over 40 fires sparked by e-bikes this year, at least one of which has been fatal. Officials also stated that over 100 similar incidents occurred in 2021, resulting in 79 injuries and at least four deaths. A dozen people were hurt in the e-bike fires on Thursday alone. more

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  1. Mayor Eric Adams vowed to subsidize e-bike purchases for New York City citizens during his recent campaign.

    i don’t live in NYC but what business is it of government to subsidize this sort of purchase? They have nothing better to spend their money on than this? This country keep spiraling in the wrong direction

  2. Too bad there isn’t a safe, reliable and affordable domestic fuel source that we could pull out of the ground to power our vehicles.

  3. Bummer. I was thinking about getting one. There is an 83 mile trail that runs just one block from my home and I was thinking it was perfect for one of those E-bikes. The last thing I need is my ass to burst into flames.

  4. Are people becoming too lazy to peddle their bikes the old fashioned way? Just like Tesla’s and other electric vehicles which are prone to catch on fire and burst into flames spontaneously. Sorry greenies, I don’t need or want an expensive electric bike. There is an E bike shop in the small town of Spirit Lake, Idaho about 30 miles N of Coeur d’ Alene next door to one of my customers, I guess the only reason that it’s there is because of all the trendy nerds who vacation at the lake, other than that I can’t figure out why it’s located there.


    Oh … sorry …


    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  6. …posted this before, but it bears repeating. The problem is Thermal Runaway, it’s a big danger in battery technology and a danger even to fight the fire.


    …I saw enough garage fires with frigging gas cars to not keep a regular ass car in an attached garage because of what happens if it decides to short something in the lead/acid 12v system that night and start burning. No WAY I’d wanna sleep with a BIGGER battery fire risk using materials that are reactive to water and assembled at gunpoint by Chinese slave labor under me.

  7. Learn from mistakes of others because you’ll never live long enough to make them all yourself, is still true today. Politicians don’t seem to get it.

  8. My NUCLEAR FUELED bike will be ready for sale in 2025. Unicorn urine keeps the fuel from catching fire.

  9. I’m waiting for the stats on how many of these things are used in drive-byes and other violent felonies. It’s gotta be astronomical. The company I work for has cameras all over the “hood” and we pull videos 24/7 for the NYPD. The company buys all the NYCHA buildings the city is selling


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