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FEAR AND JUSTICE: Firewall with Bill Whittle

After a decade of justice denied — under Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, John Brennan, James Comey, and others — Bill Whittle thinks he now detects a whiff of fear among those in that cabal. Former CIA Director John Brennan, usually a cool calculating man, seems frightened about the probe into how the Russia collusion investigation began.


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  1. Holder is talking crap about Barr now as well. What is it about Barr and his investigation that is keeping “Obama’s Wingman” up at night?

  2. I pray that the fear they are experiencing will eat at what is left of their rotting souls and every Tweet from President Trump twists the dull blade of the fear knife even deeper.

    Is that mean? Probably. I want them to feel the pain that they have inflicted on every patriot of this country – the pain they gleefully administered in order to enrich their elite lives.

    They have lived off of our spirits for far too long. It’s time to pay.

  3. Hey Bill “nevertrumper” Whittle, have you told your Russian wife what a dumbshit you are for making an effort to defeat the one guy in government that can help you feel better about yourself? You’re a worm, Bill.

  4. They can run but they cannot hide…except for the occasional last ditch lash out, it’s gotten really quiet in the cheap seats. Seems those who inflicted their thievery and pain onto real Americans have little to say…tells me they are getting worried. Good, they should be.

  5. Joe6 — Has he ever said, “What a fool I was!”? Never heard him if he did. He got the guy he described to a tee, then tried to have him defeated. His credibility is shot w/me.

  6. AA, yup, I agree. I need a mea culpa before I’m on his team. What so frustrating is that he had so many of us that thought he was doing good work. Until he joined the dark side. Now, he is a nobody.

  7. Besides waiting for a mea culpa from Bill and his buddy Scott Ott, I do have a couple other issues with what Whittle said.

    1. The press was no more fair and balanced years ago than they are now. They were just more subtle. Richard Nixon was a choir boy compared to Lyndon Johnson. The press knew it, but Johnson was a Democrat.

    2. The responsibility for saving the country only partially rests with us. We also need those responsible to be sure we don’t find boxes of uncounted ballots in rental cars and broom closets, and that the precincts in Forest Lawn and Tijuana are not represented as well as they have been in the past. We need to make sure that George H.W. Bush doesn’t vote against Trump as he did in 2016. We need to make sure we don’t have precincts with 140% voter turnout.The 2018 election showed the Democrats really upped the game they have been practicing since the Washington governor’s race of 2002. If that happens again, despite our best efforts to the contrary, the patient is going to die from the anesthetic no matter how good the surgeon is.

  8. Whittle, get your head out of your ass. “WE” are not responsible. The LEFT is responsible along with anyone who has voted for leftists the past 100 years.


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