Fear Not America, Jennifer Will Save Us!

DIOGENES’ MIDDLE FINGER: I was beginning to get all worried about America, ya know with high school kids about to round up NRA members and hang them from the nearest lamp post, Russian bots runnin’ round in my computer, and frightened Nancy Pelosi might hurt herself using powerful lawn equipment at her age cutting grass down on the southern border and all. But I’m confident I can relax now that Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence is taking a year off from her important job of acting (and gettin’ nekked) so she can “fix our democracy.”   READ MORE



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  1. Jenny dear, the feeling you harbor inside thinking you’re not very smart shows that at least you are very intuitive.

  2. She and Derek Zoolander for America’s hereditary King and Queen. Just not sure who gets to be the Queen.

  3. I don’t go to the liberal movies or watch liberal tv so I don’t know who she is.
    She has great credentials though. My wife is a psychiatrist with a 150 plus IQ.
    But never mind that. Listen to Jenny every one.

  4. The signal to noise ratio in the entertainment industry is lousy with people who believe too much of their own press.

    Speaking of which, I read earlier today that Don Henley’s sordid past and practices are set to catch up with him later this year. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy/sarc

  5. She needs t least a year off to rest her overworked and worn out body which has many hard miles of overtime wear and tear on it from driving the casting couch!

  6. “Jennifer Lawrence is taking a year off from her important job of acting…”
    So, she says she’s stopping acting?
    When did she start?
    Really. I watched Hunger Games. That was not acting.

  7. So tired of people who play –roles / music / sports– for a living telling people who work for a living how everything should be done.

  8. Her first movie “Winter’s Bone” was her best one. It has been downhill every since. She has reached her “best buy date”.

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