Fear of Chemicals in Europe and Elsewhere

Canada Free Press: We are routinely warned by earnest websites, advertisements, and well-meaning popular articles about ‘nasty’ chemicals lurking in our homes and kitchens. Many tout the benefits of switching to a ‘chemical-free lifestyle.’ 1

Along this line a recent study reveals that nearly 40% of Europeans want to ‘live in a world where chemical substances don’t exist.’ Another 82% didn’t know that table salt is table salt, whether it is extracted from the ocean or made synthetically. 2

Such scientific ignorance is common in the US as well, and can have a harmful influence on government policy. 3

However, there is no way to get away from chemicals since everything we eat is made of chemicals. There simply is no such thing as a ‘chemical-free lifestyle

A report in the journal Nature Chemistry covered a survey conducted to gauge Europeans’ attitudes toward chemicals. Researchers had about 700 respondents from each of eight countries: Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, for a total of 5,631 participants. 4

The first series of questions was designed to measure chemophobia, the irrational fear of chemicals. Results revealed that 30% of Europeans reported being ‘scared’ of chemicals, and about 40% try to ‘avoid contact with chemical substances’  and want to ‘live in a world where chemical substances don’t exist.’ Obviously this is impossible. Everything- the water, food, your smartphone- is a chemical or a combination of chemicals. read more

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  1. Lets drop all the environuts off in the jungle somewhere with a grass skirt and coconut bra. We’ll see how much they miss chemicals and fossil fuels.

  2. you never know when and where it’s going to show up. And it shape shifts. Earlier, I found it in a soup bowl. I eat from that!!!

  3. MJA It fell from the sky in crystaline form on my house and yard two nights ago,crazy neighbour shoveled it into piles!

  4. huron, was your neighbor wearing a hazmat suit? If not, you never know what those crystalline entities will do to you!

  5. Wait until they find out that 78% of the air they breath is Nitrogen.

    Horrifically, N is inert.

    We MUST do something to neutralize nitrogen’s inert nature before something happens and the planet’s surface burns up.


  6. Penn & Teller, for their television show Bullshit!, sent a ringer to an environmental rally to obtain signatures on a petition to ban dihydrogen monoxide. The petition gatherer told nothing untrue, and obtained an astounding number of signatures. The clip is somewhere on YouTube.

  7. One hundred percent of people that are exposed to solutions of sodium chloride or sucrose in a dihydrogen monoxide suspension WILL DIE. That’s science. Only Bernie can save us. Won’t someone think of the children!

  8. Their buzzword “chemicals” and “natural” really boil down to this idea that anything man-made is inferior to anything produced by Mother Gaia. It’s misanthropy, especially the “man” part.


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