FEC Hits Warren Campaign for Unspecific and Vague Financial Disclosures

WFB: The Federal Election Commission has sent a notice to Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren’s campaign committee, Warren for President, Inc., identifying instances of overly vague accounting descriptions and insufficient details in the campaign’s first quarter financial disclosures.

The FEC notice, dated July 11, 2019, calls for the committee to revise its April quarterly report, providing “information essential to full public disclosure of [the committee’s] federal election campaign finances,” and warns that the campaign may face an audit or enforcement action if it fails to respond.

Among the FEC’s complaints are concerns that the campaign failed to adequately disclose financial exchanges, including contributions from individuals to the campaign and the specifics and purposes of the committee’s spending. The FEC also calls for the committee to fully detail out-of-pocket spending by Warren herself on behalf of the campaign.

The notice gives an August 15th deadline for Warren for President, Inc. to respond with an adequately amended report, more accurately disclosing the campaign’s first quarter finances. read more

12 Comments on FEC Hits Warren Campaign for Unspecific and Vague Financial Disclosures

  1. Last time she completely filled out some forms, it came back to haunt her. She’s taking no chances this time.

  2. Zonga, I’d qualify that. How about “Most annoying old lady voice”? Omar and Cortez make Liz sound like Karen Carpenter.

  3. Thirdtwin,
    Oh yea! Agreed,
    Cortez has a cartoon character voice. I hate that.

    I hate women with cartoon character voices, I think they do that on purpose, think it’s cute. They sound stupid. Sometimes they sound like 4 year olds. Women with these voices are all over NPR, in doctors’ offices, in every capacity on the telephone, in retail, they are everywhere. Why do they talk like that?

    Don’t they know they sound ridiculous? They sound like children, or cartoons. I want to scream (in my best whiskey voice) GROW UP GROW UP GROW UP

  4. The FEC also claimed it has no way to convert “wampum” to US currency, and is asking her to convert her financial records to USD or at least to the prices of bottles of cheap whiskey, or buffalo hides, or some other method that allow a conversion to USD. But not human scalps.


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