Fed Signals Intention To Stop Pumping Money Into The Economy And Raise Interest Rates


A major shift is underway at the Federal Reserve to begin to remove the central bank’s massive pandemic easing policies, and could see it hike rates sooner than is priced in by markets.

Comments by Fed officials suggest the central bank is likely to decide to double the pace of its taper to $30 billion a month at its December meeting next week. Initial discussions could also begin as soon as the December meeting about when to raise interest rates and by how much next year with Fed officials set to submit a fresh round of economic forecasts and projections for the fed funds rate. More

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  1. Hah! What are the terms on federal debt? I’ve hunted around but haven’t yet gotten a straight compilation of the percentages in overnight, five day, one moth, three month, six, one year, two, three, five, ten, thirty. How many hundred billions rolls over today? Tomorrow? Next week, month, year? The shortest term money is cheapest I’m guessing, therefore a whole heaping shitload of federal debt is in very short term borrowing, again I’m guessing. Raise rates? Significantly? I’m betting… not likely.

  2. “see it hike rates sooner than is priced in by markets.” Horse shit. Stock are priced for a series or rate increases going from today’s 0.25% to 1.00% in a year.

    My qualification; One of my degrees is a

    BA in Econ!

  3. the most successful ponzi scheme in the history of scheming.

    Stocks shoot up today, massive unemployment and shortages, car sales in the tank, zero industry in our country. What is the stock market trading?

    Over 40% of the money in circulation has been added in the last year and a half.

    Faith and trust in the US dollar? pffft. Hang on. SHTF in a matter of weeks.

    and we thought China had slaves

  4. Gee could that be why nsiders have been dumping stocks at a pace never seen before? It is all rigged and the big guys have been selling like crazy. Meanwhile CNBC tries to tell you it is just because taxes are going to go up. Right.

  5. If I were to bet on this country today….

    It would be quite different than any bet I would have made years ago.

  6. Home ownership?
    Moving the goal posts a little further out; it’s what greedy bastards and tyrannical governments do.

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