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Federal Debt Now $287,859 Per Income Earning Household

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As Congress worked in recent days to increase the legal limit on the federal debt, the Treasury kept that debt artificially frozen at approximately $28.9 trillion, where it stood at the beginning of this week.

With that limit lifted, the federal debt will take a jump upward, then keep steadily climbing, constantly increasing the burden on future taxpayers. More

7 Comments on Federal Debt Now $287,859 Per Income Earning Household

  1. Could you send the bill for my part of it to Bernie Sanders? He has three homes, so he can afford to pay my fair share.

  2. Things will get interesting when they start cutting Medicare and Social Security benefits. But they have trillions for child care and green energy boondoggles.

  3. “start cutting Medicare and Social Security”
    They don’t have to cut Medicare and Social Security, just kill off the recipients.

  4. Send my bill to the Clintoon Foundation.
    Even with 75% less “donations”, they should still have more then enough to pay of my portion (plus a few hundred other wage slave, tax paying, citizens).

  5. Kabuki, Potemkin (a theater in a village, don’cha know). With the results of the 2020 election we need to remember we no longer inhabit a republic, rather an oligarchy. Almost 300k debt per income earning household? Piffle! A mere bagatelle, ashes in the wind, meaningless. While I am taking what I believe are prudent steps to protect myself and mine from the ‘unforeseen’ results of this debt travesty, do please notify me when the debt reaches a significant number, like, say, three trillion per.

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