Federal Employees Putting Stress On D.C. Food Banks

Roughly 200 federal employees lined up on Saturday to utilize five pop-up food distribution centers set up at D.C. grocery stories just for them.

Farther down the line, an Army veteran named Dee said she is having trouble affording both food and medical treatments for a disability. She asked NPR not to use her last name because of her position at a federal agency.

“You want to serve your country,” she said. “Mexico is supposed to be paying for this, but instead we have to pay for it.”

She added that if the shutdown continued, she might also have trouble feeding her dog.


Meanwhile, those food banks are reportedly running out of money trying to serve the recent increase in demand for their services. Here

Wait, don’t federal employees get to collect unemployment during the shutdown? -Dr. Tar



22 Comments on Federal Employees Putting Stress On D.C. Food Banks

  1. I smell bullshit.
    Fed worker should have a month (or more) worth of savings unless he’s a fuckin idiot. I knew a guy in the Labor Crew who paid outright for a new car. Another guy in the Maintenance Dept. had no problem buying $80,000 pieces of equipment for his “side” job.
    I’m sure that there are some who’re too dumb to fart without soiling themselves, but this has all the appearance of a “dog-and-pony” show.

    (oh, and by-the-by, in DC the overwhelming number of Fed employees are white-collar – only the AOC and one other agency (GSA) have large contingents of blue-collars)

    A clown parade to make a political point.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. 200? That’s a lot? What’s the pop of DC? I see a lot of people lined up at food banks that could afford to go without a meal once in awhile.

  3. I figured out around age 12 that living hand to mouth is no way to go through life. Too bad for these people having to live hand to mouth and be stupid at the same time.

    What if real disaster struck? So many federal employees would just roll over and die during the first week.

  4. They should thank the President for very low unemployment that never existed under 8 years of Barky/Biden.

    They can quit their pseudo jobs and get real ones in the private sector.

    Oh yeah, they’re mostly obama-hires = unemployable.

  5. See how fast it can go from “those poor refugees from Guat.” to “Those poor unpaid gov. workers” with lamestream reporting?

  6. None of these people are working for minimum wage. If they can’t get by a few days without a paycheck (that will certainly come later), I don’t want them working for us.

  7. What bullshit. When the shutdown is over every Federal employee will be paid back wages, they always do. This means they can walk into any bank and get a loan for the amount of their “lost” wages now and live a normal life.

  8. @ecp January 14, 2019 at 1:08 pm

    > What if real disaster struck? So many federal employees would just roll over and die during the first week.

    From your fingertips to Kali’s ears.

  9. Too fucking bad…. Welcome to the real world.

    And…there should be NO gov’t unions…none, nada. Their payroll comes from my tax dollars. You hold the gov’t hostage to steal money from me.

  10. Government workers are parasites. They add nothing to the economy, many doe useless or redundant jobs and they suck money from the people who actually work. Only an idiot would have saved no money to get them over a few rough months. Tim is right, I smell bull shit.

  11. “She added that if the shutdown continued, she might also have trouble feeding her dog.” Simple solution: Eat your dog.

  12. I am tired of the argument about who is paying for the wall. Congress spends billions on many wasteful projects. US security is something congress is actually specifically empowered to spend money on. So build the freaking wall already. No more billion dollar studies on fruit fly sex habits.

  13. They only missed their first paycheck three days ago and they knew this was coming for a long time. I guess they were never told the story about the ant and the grasshopper.

  14. Come on over to my house, federal employees. I’ll serve you what you served me for YEARS now.

    How’d you like your shit sammich??

  15. Pppffft! Like they really cared when we were all Laid off with out any jobs to be had. Maybe they should just Start a business of their own..you know follow their passion AKA Barky/Pelosi and don’t forget they can always retrain and develop new Skill-Sets.


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