Federal government caused monoclonal antibody shortage, says medical supplies CEO

The CEO said the current government-controlled process “is not the solution and isn’t working.”

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  1. “many people probably believe that government intervention often is the solution”

    Yep, and I can’t understand what drives that thought. If you want anything fucked up, outside of efficiencies of stripping wealth or arresting peacefully protesting conservatives, just get the government involved.

    It’s the problem with the entire supply chain right now. Too much government in the way…and the answer to many is to have the government run the entire supply chain, not understanding that’s exactly what a damn communist country is. I thought progs enjoyed things like choice at Starbucks, a government take over of the supply chain and they will be left waiting in line at “COFFEE” for one size of one flavor with no whip cream, shots, or sprinkles (if they are even that lucky).

    But, yea, monoclonal, why do I have to be over 65, have high blood pressure, or be obese in order to qualify for it in my state? This whole “equity” nonsense isn’t very accommodating to the more productive members of our society.

  2. ^^^^^^that’s because gubmint allows it but doesn’t control it!

  3. Let me just put this here for what it’s worth. Monoclonal Antibodies, all but one Made from cells from over 200 babies aborted alive, then taken to a cold room where their cells are harvested then allowed to die.

    Tocilizumab is the only one that does not appear to use aborted baby cells.
    Also called RoActemra. Produced in Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cells; see Product Review. The Assessment Report also does not describe the use of any aborted fetal cell lines.

    Excellent video about monoclonal antibodies by MD.

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