Federal Judge Has A Message for New US Citizens

TMN: There has been a lot of talk going back months of the treatment of immigrants – illegal, legal, and newly made citizens – and the “fears” they have over a Donald Trump presidency. Also, there have been protests by people holding signs saying, “Not our President!” Well, a federal judge, speaking to people at a US citizenship ceremony told people Trump is their President and if they don’t like it, they can leave!


4 Comments on Federal Judge Has A Message for New US Citizens

  1. None of those people in that room will leave, and probably none of them give a rat’s ass that Donald Trump is the President-elect. They are here, and it’s time to grab for that great American brass ring.

    Besides, those comments were directed to Amy Schumer, Samuel L. Jackson and the other Hollywood types who threatened to leave if Trump were elected. Judging from the size of the crowd of new citizens, there appears to be some vacancies in other countries available. May I suggest Saudi Arabia, with its ties to the Clintons and it’s stellar record on women’s rights and tolerance of gays?

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