Federal Judge Rules Obama’s EPA Knew Flint Officials Weren’t Warning Residents’ About Lead In Water

The Lid: A federal judge ruled rules Flint residents can sue the federal government over the water crisis, and the EPA knew Flint officials “were not warning Flint’s residents that they were being supplied lead-laced water.” Judge Linda Parker of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan said the federal “government is not immune from a lawsuit being filed against them.”

“These lies went on for months while the people of Flint continued to be poisoned,” Parker, an Obama appointee, wrote in her order.

The Detriot News reported three weeks ago that a different federal Judge allowed a major class-action lawsuit over the Flint water contamination against former Gov. Rick Snyder.

Flint residents began complaining about water quality issues shortly after the city switched its water source in April 2014, but Flint and Michigan officials denied any problems until studies from Virginia Tech University researchers and Hurley Medical Center in Flint showed high lead levels in both water and children’s blood.

Judge Parker did not rule on whether federal employees were negligent in addressing Flint’s contaminated water crisis.

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8 Comments on Federal Judge Rules Obama’s EPA Knew Flint Officials Weren’t Warning Residents’ About Lead In Water

  1. No fan of Jug Ears or anything connected to him, but the blame falls on the City of Flint, the water department administrators and/or the staff/outside engineers responsible for the methodology behind the water source switch. They messed up. Nobody else, just them.

  2. This is typical of what was going on throughout the country during Obama’s reign of terror. Absolute contempt for the rule of law and open vicious attacks on political enemies.
    I’m still waiting for the first arrests to take place and get this momentum shifted in the other direction. It’s critical that these animals get put back on their heels and soon.

  3. “Pretty sure they bottled it and sold it to Maxine Waters.”

    …or sold it *as* “Maxine Water”, or maybe “eau de Peach” lol

  4. if anything, obama’s EPA, through its inaction, was covering for the democrat officials in flint, who created the problem. Now it will be ‘Trump’s EPA’ that is sued.


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