Federal Judge Rules Trump DACA Program Elimination Appropriate and Authorized – Full Judicial Ruling

Conservative Treehouse: Federal judge Roger W Titus (Maryland) has ruled that President Trump acted appropriately and within his authority by announcing his intent to rescind the Obama-era executive order surrounding Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). However, the Judge Titus order does not stop the previous blocks by activist judges currently working through the courts.

Eventually the state challenges to the recension of DACA will work through the appellate courts and arrive at the Supreme Court. It is likely SCOTUS will take the same position on DACA as they did on DAPA; overrule the state challenges and determine the program unconstitutional.

In the interim, President Trump had requested that congress take up the DACA issue as part of their responsibility to put forth an immigration reform bill. Democrats have abandoned legislative efforts to assist those impacted by DACA, and have instead chosen to make DACA a political issue for the 2018 mid-term election.  read more

9 Comments on Federal Judge Rules Trump DACA Program Elimination Appropriate and Authorized – Full Judicial Ruling

  1. How can one executive order not be reversed by another? Not legally, that’s for sure.
    Shame the Dems didn’t take up Trump on his offer, could have cleaned up the immigration mess going forward. But they made it perfectly clear to all voters that it isn’t about the ‘few’ DACA qualifiers but about unending legalized illegal immigration.

  2. President Trump is a master of giving enough rope – Opponents are foolish enough to grab all of it. MAGA

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  4. I will sleep just fine if I can’t hear you.
    If you’re back in your home country, I won’t be able to hear you.
    Simple logic, I know. Try to get your head around it.


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