Federal Workers Accuse Biden Labor Ally of Sexual Misconduct, Racial Discrimination

WFB: Federal workers are accusing powerful Democratic labor allies of gross sexual misconduct, ranging from the use of a company limo to visit male prostitutes to licking the ear of a subordinate.

A new lawsuit accuses 16 senior officials of the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE), a public-sector union with more than 300,000 members, of either directly perpetuating racial and sexual misconduct or helping to cover up of such incidents.

The lawsuit contains new details about former union president Jeffrey David Cox’s abuse of power as the top honcho of the union, alleging that he frequently used the company limo to travel to strip clubs or procure male prostitutes. It also accuses his successor, Dr. Everett Kelley, of shielding Cox and other union officials accused of sexual abuse and harassment. The members claim leadership frequently ignored allegations or reappointed accused officials to their posts shortly after they were removed. read more