Feds and media ignoring doubling of mortality among young and middle-aged adults in latest data

American Thinker:

By Thomas Lifson

Something is killing off large numbers of 25- to 54-year-olds in the United States, and the powers that be in government and the media are pretending it is not happening.  There is no visible effort to study the alarming statistics gathered by actuaries for the life insurance industry, which keeps track of deaths because they directly impact their bottom line through claims from the insured.

Aaron Kheriaty, M.D. spotted the alarming table below on page 23 of a report from the Society of Actuaries Research Institute (hat tip: Mark Wauck, Meaning in History):

Deaths among the young to middle-aged are double what they normally would be in  the third quarter of 2021, the latest period for which data are available.  And they aren’t primarily due to COVID, for this group is not particularly vulnerable. more

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  1. I’m surprised that it isn’t worse than it actually is.
    Lots of people need to hang for this.

  2. Survey shows over 500,000 killed by the COVID vaccines so far
    A simple survey anyone can do provides convincing evidence that the COVID vaccines have killed over 500,000 Americans. They should be halted.


    I think it’s more than 500,000 killed. How would we know since the true numbers aren’t being revealed. Trump says the jab is safe, his warp speed jab has saved millions of lives, trust him he says. As for me, I’ll stay a true blood, I trust no one.

  3. **PSA**
    CBS just broke in to golf coverage to report 10 people getting shot in a supermarket in Buffalo.
    They said predominantly black neighborhood and the shooter wore armor & had written a manifesto.

    The MSM is praying, PRAYING the killer is a white dude…
    “Please please please” they don’t believe in God but they will pray for this!

  4. We need a vaccine for the vaccine, and then maybe another vaccine for the vaccine designed to combat the original vaccine. Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson have found a perpetual money machine.

    Also, masks. Because science.

  5. LocoBlancoSaltine
    MAY 14, 2022 AT 5:44 PM

    “The MSM is praying, PRAYING the killer is a white dude…
    “Please please please” they don’t believe in God but they will pray for this!”

    …and satan answers with the beginning of a false flag White Supremacist gun grab, best bury your rifles now ’cause Pedo be coming for them before the “elections ” because, racism…

    “Braedyn Kephart and Shane Hill, both 20, pulled into the parking lot just as the shooter was exiting. They described him as a white male in his late teens or early twenties sporting full camo, a black helmet and what appeared to be a rifle.”


  6. Could be payback from that evil coon that ran over all the white folks in Waukesha.
    Of course most people on the left & MSM don’t know what I’m talking about because that was swept under the rug a day after it happened.

  7. gee, what a coincidence …

    just after the Pedo in Chief makes his big Ultra-MAGA/MAGA King speech


  8. If I say too much everyone will think I’m a conspiracy theorist.

    But I do think this is very, very strange and believe me – I KNOW from experience!!!!!

    Say your prayers everyday!

    God Bless us all!

  9. Mary, you’re among some genuine conspiracy theorists here. At least speaking for myself. One thing though, is it a conspiracy theory if it’s right?

  10. It is a conspiracy to kill a bunch of people and make a bunch of money at the same time.

    Yeah, I know, Captain Obvious…

  11. There is no such thing as conspiracy theory!

    Or is that Coincidence?!?!?

    All too much to comprehend really but I’m not surprised by any of it.

    So glad I have all you CT’s on my side!!!

    xoxo Joe6pk. Best to Mrs.

  12. I did just read that there is “theory” that those who are vaxxed are unsafe to be around. They are making the unvaxxed sick through skin and inhalation. Have you heard this?

  13. Mary Hatch

    From what I’m reading it’s the booster crowd you need to worry about. Apparently, the original jab, both shots, is only good for 90 days. If you’re still alive, you’re good. Don’t get the booster. It’s all bad. Wifey and I were talked into getting the first two. Cancer and all. She’s still alive. I died.

  14. They’re not ignoring it. They’re rejoicing in it. These degenerate fucks running our federal government WANT average Americans to die in droves. Because the rest of the planet plans to dump their garbage humanity here, and those already here may start objecting more strongly.

    Our ruling class is at war with us. They hate us. They want us dead.

  15. I’m surprised no Moms & Dads are out there butchering people who did this to their kids.
    I would be.

  16. @Anonymous May 15, 2022 at 8:20 am

    > I would be.

    If you would be, then you already have. But you won’t. Nor will nillions and nillions of others. Not then. Not now. So not in the future.

    That’s not shade. It’s mafs. For those who might be considering other options.

  17. Feds AND Media?
    The Media is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the FedGov.
    There are NO Feds AND Media – they are the same entity – the Federal Media.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …


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