Feds Flushed $1.2 Billion Down Failed ObamaCare CO-OPs


Moonbattery:  The long election season that has already degenerated into a circus is a boon for Democrats. It keeps most people distracted from how ObamaCare is unfolding:

More than half of the government-funded nonprofit health insurers created by Obamacare have failed, sticking taxpayers with a $1.2 billion tab and leaving hundreds of thousands of people in more than a dozen states scrambling for medical coverage, a new federal audit reveals. The nonprofit insurers are known as Consumer Operated and Oriented Plan Program (CO-OP) and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has pumped $2.4 billion into them under the president’s hostile takeover of the nation’s healthcare system.


3 Comments on Feds Flushed $1.2 Billion Down Failed ObamaCare CO-OPs

  1. $1.2 billion? That’s it?? When they blew through $5 billion on a still sketchy website??? Fucking $1.2 billion isn’t even a rounding error.

    I call Bullshit.

    George Carlin once said he has several principles in life that he follows religiously. One of them is that he never believes anything the government tells him.

    Those are words to live by.


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